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Jan 5, 2019
Jul 13, 2010
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Jan 5, 2019
    1. IceMagnus
      Also been busy. Had nothing but work and stuff. Along with two emergency room visits last month. I've been getting stuff all set up for my new Transformers fan fiction starting at the end of this month. And actually I rarely get on this site now. The news has been slow and plus I don't have much time to be on my computer or laptop.
    2. IceMagnus
      Hey, just checking up on you. Haven't heard from you in a while. How've you been lately?
    3. IceMagnus
      Drafts, Character Facts, and other fun things.... by IceyM-95 on DeviantArt
    4. IceMagnus
      Transformers: Unity sneak peek by IceyM-95 on DeviantArt
    5. IceMagnus
      Transformers: Freedom of the Galaxy Chapter One by IceyM-95 on DeviantArt
    6. IceMagnus
      I dunno I don't do commissions. Nor do I ask for them (I can't afford it). I am busy working on fan-fictions anyways.
    7. IceMagnus
      Human Arashia Magnus Rockin Out by IceyM-95 on DeviantArt

      I'm back in action! :)
    8. IceMagnus
      Yeah! R2 is beginning to worry me with the comic pages. I plan to watch Osmosis Jones again (haven't seen it in ages) tonight to get back into it.
    9. IceMagnus
      Hey, just dropped by to say hey and how are ya doing. Been a long time since we last chatted. lol
    10. IceMagnus
      I'll try and describe it when I get to the parts where it is set in those two shows.
    11. IceMagnus
      New Transformers Fan-Fiction by IceyM-95 on DeviantArt
    12. IceMagnus
      A: I'm getting faster as I learn the sandwich combinations.
      B: They just don't know how to budget their time better.
    13. IceMagnus
      Few complaints for me being slow from customers, got my first paycheck, met every co-worker and the inspector, met my other boss (I have two), became friends with all my co-workers instantly. It's good so far.
    14. IceMagnus
    15. IceMagnus
    16. IceMagnus
      I'll give it til 9:00 tonight. If it aint fixed then I will get a new account... ugh this is why I had two accounts.. one to be the back up... oh well like my father just said to me about what I had to do at work: "suck it up buttercup".
    17. IceMagnus
      Might be getting a new DeviantART account. My damn profile won't let me access my notifications. Every time I go to click on them it logs me out. I contacted the help desk but I don't think they'll help me. Dunno how I'm gonna do this.
    18. IceMagnus
      I know, my dad keeps me reminded of how a working person is supposed to be. He even gives me advice too.
    19. IceMagnus
      Going good, and yeah it is but I think I'm a part-time employee because my schedule is all chopped up. There are days where I work for 3 hours and there are days I work for 6. Something like that. The days that are over 5 hours though are the days I get lunch. my co-workers and my bosses are nice people. I work with this woman and her two daughters. I had to request off for the 8th and call off on the 9th though because my mother had surgery and she had some issues with her asthma while waking up from it.
    20. IceMagnus
      I love learning things like that lol

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