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Nov 25, 2020 at 9:41 PM
Mar 4, 2007
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Nov 25, 2020 at 9:41 PM
    1. Superquad7
      Got any good G1 figures lately?
    2. QsoundwaveQ
      Hey im mark and ummm yeah i like transformers i dont have a large collection but i plan on fixing that and im not sure how to use this site yet so i hope this is were im suppost to into myself and if its not them im sorry
    3. Superquad7
      Yeah man, and I wish the same for you. :) I hope we can catch up soon, bud :)
    4. Superquad7
      Hey buddy! Long time no chat!
    5. CNCBrawl56
      Hello, I have been tryin to find people in the LA area and I was directed to your group by turboedguy. I would like to be able to join your group.
    6. amproadbuster88
      Oh hi :). It's ok I just asked last night lol wasn't that long.
    7. amproadbuster88
      Hello I was wondering if I could join the LA Collective group? & I wanted to join the TF Collectors' Club CA. If I could get in that would be great :) thanks.
    8. redguyver
      hey bro you ever get my message on the voltron swap
    9. NoWeePrime
      You Pinoy? Sweet. Me too. Id like to ask, can I be in the LA Transformers Group. Can you invite me for it?
    10. SwindlesShop
      Dude what's up with Paul? That guys a prick if I ever knew one.
    11. Big Filipino
      Big Filipino
      Hey dude, meant to let you know that it was good to finally meet you at Botcon. Stay Pinoy!
    12. supergodginrai
      Sup man, it's Jon we met at botcon. I'm hitting you up for the invite to the long beach meets. Hit Me up.
    13. supergodginrai
      Sup man, it's Jon we met at botcon. I'm hitting you up for the invite to the long beach meets. Hit Me up.
    14. Digilaut
      Heya! It's ok. Like I said, no hard feelings. I was just disappointed to not hear back from you for so long, and maybe I'm not in the best mood lately. Definitely don't be afraid to contact me again in the future when you need something!

      I'm not going to Botcon unfortunately..wish I would, but it's just too far away and too expensive for me! :(Are you going? If so, enjoy!
    15. Digilaut
      Hey Curamen. It's been weeks since I replied to your inquiry about a commission piece, and even after a reminder I have not heard back from you. Not sure if you've been really busy, but it seems you're active on the boards either way, which probably means you've seen the messages.

      I understand that, for whatever reason, you don't want to go through with it, but I would have liked it if you would at least had answered with a simple yes or no, I think it's only common courtesy to do so.

      No hard feelings, but I can't afford to wait on a possible reply when there are bills to pay. :) All the best, have fun at the next meetup!
    16. Big Filipino
      Big Filipino
      You got it bud. I'll see you at Botcon. I'll be volunteering so I shouldn't be too hard to find. Look for the 6'3", 260 lb Asian guy............or just call my cell:D
    17. Hybrid Prime
      Hybrid Prime
      L.A.???When you go there do you sing the L.A. Woman song to your wife? lol just kidding bro.Shoot me a line sometime!
    18. katitas33
      hello CURAMEN,, can I join the los angeles collective group. I am from north of Bakersfiled CA. Send me an invite if it is ok., thanks
    19. dominomist
      Thanks For the invite. Thanks for holding those meet up. They'rrrreee gggrrreeeaaatttt!!!
    20. tehKOREANdude
      I've got a deal going through for Purple Shockwave, Ratchet, and Ultra Magnus. After that, all I need is Cheetor and Activators Cliffjumper (curse that little man) to complete my collection. Which ones do you need?

      Anyways, coming to meetups is hard for me, especially because of school. I'd only be able to go to summer ones, if any at all :(
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