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Dec 9, 2012
Apr 5, 2009
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Dec 9, 2012
    1. scarnivac
      wat hebben vrouwen toch met BB?? ik snap dat echt niet, en zeker niet als het gaat om animated BB.. :S
      en engels praten op t forum doe ik wel ja, maar we zijn nu niet op t forum he ;)

    2. scarnivac
      cool, nog een nederlandse transformers fan, en ook nog eens een vrouw :)
      jij bent officieel het eerste meiske dat ik ken dat transformers fan is ^^

    3. Optronix_prime
      Damn it, I meant knock out, I get dead end and knock out confused sometimes.
    4. Optronix_prime
      Did you post your dead end today? I've been looking for it but I don't see it.

      And, if you want I'll teach you how to transform, be warned though, you can break several bones ;)
    5. Optronix_prime
      Yep XD, your jealous ;p
    6. Optronix_prime
      I know right!!!
      I'm so excited!!
      (Transforms into a F-22 and flies around too!)

      I hope that rumor of him coming out in november- december is true rather than waiting a WHOLLEEE year to get him
    7. dyingwill3rd
      the way i get my transformers is through my aunts. They either buy me one when they visit or give me money (they play slots a lot in Vegas and win a lot)
    8. dyingwill3rd
      again, i say, limited funds. my mom hasn't given me an allowance since the universe 2.0 line came out
    9. dyingwill3rd
      never got a chance to get Deep Space Starscream. since my concern was with the Animated Figures and other Movie Deluxes being released that year, i didn't have enoguh most of the time for him. When i did, the stores were sold out :(
    10. dyingwill3rd
      With it being more bot accurate in the pic, I'm definitely getting him over Voyager Starscream (was thinking about buying him until i saw the pic)
    11. dyingwill3rd
      I know!!!! I liked OP's new leader design, but Starscream beats him big time!
    12. dyingwill3rd
      hey, someone posted up a pic of Leader Starscream on the front page
    13. Optronix_prime
      Oh whaaaat? really? , you shoulda ejected ravage and ordered him to eat the kid ;)
      That totally sucks.
      About knock out, I'll check 'em out. Battle damage is ALOT of fun is it not?
    14. Optronix_prime
      Oh, and the Massacre Sideways was cool as hell too! imagine how scary it would be if Sideways was actually doing that in the movie...:O
    15. Optronix_prime
      Thanks alot! :D, the Fallen one is really quite easy too, it's pretty sad that Hasbro shipped him all short and midget like, when he should be the tall scary lookin' guy.

      You've made some cool stuff too, the Soundwave costume is totally sweet.
    16. Optronix_prime
      Haha poor wheelbot, I do like the animalistic transformers, like when photos of Rampage's toy leaked out, I thought it was cool that he had 4 legs, like a centaur!

      But in actuality he was the Pogo stick of DEATH :)
      Hopefully some more 'cons start becoming like that.

      And when/if they reveal leader Starscream, I'm right there with you, I'll probably die as well haha
    17. Optronix_prime
      Me neither, I got it though cause I love me screamer. Hopefully they reveal the leader tomorrow at SDCC, I know i'll be bouncing off the walls if they do ;)

      Unlike most people I really dig movie Starscream's design, especially with the new Tattoo's :O
    18. Optronix_prime
      (Favorite TF: Starscream)
      Hells yes! *high five*
      Your automatically cool because of that little thing ;)
      Starscream lovers unite!
    19. keetongu243
      thanks for accepting my request.
    20. keetongu243
      do you want to be my friend?
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