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Apr 5, 2012
Apr 13, 2009
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Apr 5, 2012
    1. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey Jase how it going? Long time no see.
    2. eagc7
    3. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey dude new The cool Issue.
      TFArchive - Transformers comics, cartoons, toys and everything else!
    4. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Nice man, Thanks I will try and connect to skype.
    5. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Thanks man, it is good to have friends in the hard times. How goes the commission by the way?
    6. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      My uncle died in a mmm rather unpleasant way, didnt know the guy but my dad and aunts are real depress about it. Right now the whole house has this nasty somber feel, and his daughters are staying with us they are afraid of going back to their ranch. On a lighter note today my Allspark Almanac ships, I really cant wait for it to arrive. Might lighten up the mood a bit you now.
    7. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey man how is it going? Hope you are doing better than me, I just suffer the worst 3 days of my life. How about you?
    8. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Dude how is it going man? Work has been a real bother lately.
      Finally decided it was about time I open one of those twitter accounts. Following ya. If you want you can find here Andrew Navarro (MexibroAndrew) on Twitter.
    9. SoundFire Prime
      SoundFire Prime
      Ugh, a most unlucky day. I accidentially ended up deleting some of my personal picture folders. One was a folder full of Bayformers concept art and the like that I'd been building since last year, and the other was an anime folder I've been working on for only half a month. Dammit, I knew I should've saved that stuff to my traveldrive! :( Eh, but the good news is that I still have my Sari folder and Senior Class Trip pictures saved, among many other things. :)
    10. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Ah what can you do, luckily tomorrow I get to go check up on the morning shift, so much better. Not that many problems acurr in the morning as far as I can tell.
      How about you? How is it going?
    11. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      :3 Not a bad idea.
      I officially started my new job as head of security, it is a lot more work, but boy is it awesome to have so much power. * evil laughter*
      I even got to yell at my subordinate in the second night sift. Well more like calmly explain to him that it was important to lock up the animal cages at night. A darn rat got out and the freaking dogs ripped it to shreds. *shudders*
      When the Zombie virus breaks out I think I will be at the epicenter of everything.
    12. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      I know! :/ It frustrates me two. That and Mexican Customs, Oh I swear if I ever get my hands on them......
      But on a lighter note I just spent the last 3 day watching all of Teen Titans all over again. From start to finish. Raven has grown on me, she now has a very special place in my heart. ;3
    13. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey man like I promised keeping you updated with the new Japanese Animated.
      TFArchive - Transformers comics, cartoons, toys and everything else!
    14. SoundFire Prime
      SoundFire Prime
      So I hear you finally got your hands on an Animated Arcee. Such a great toy, way better than the piece of crap that is ROTF Deluxe Arcee. You know, it's funny how Arcee had such a well-written character that really contributed to the story in Transformers Animated, but got the exact opposite treatment in Revenge of the Fallen. Really, it's more like cruel irony.
    15. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey man how is it going? Man I havent been able to use the computer for a while, it has been having some problems lately. How about you everything all right?
    16. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Seriously dough that sucks at least you enjoyed it right? Plus it did give you time to get use to the new computer, hopefully you will be able to catch all the errors next time in your commissions. A change in equipment can make routine things difficult.
    17. CreepySariFan
      Last day of vacation... T-T
    18. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Hey man whats going on?
    19. SoundFire Prime
      SoundFire Prime
      Unfortunately, it doesn't look like I'll be going to BotCon this year after all. I was getting so damn excited about it, too. :( Well, the good news is that Weird Al Yankovic is performing in Atlantic City next month, so that's one Transformers-related thing I WILL be able to do this summer. Now if only BotCon could be held in Atlantic City...
    20. Unicron the Pla
      Unicron the Pla
      Oh before I forget I finally git steam and added you as a friend. The name is UTP316, All my usual choices where takes so I went with an abbreviation of my TFW screen name.

      Edit: Yeah scratch that, my computer cant even run Portal! PORTAL!! I miss my old desktop :cry
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