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Feb 26, 2018
Jul 2, 2009
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Crazy Ramjetty

marvel's got it good

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Feb 26, 2018
    1. eagc7
      we dont know who will be in Spider-Man 2, if anything Norman Osborn have more chances, as Marc Webb said that there will be hints of the villian for the sequel in Spidey, Only character who had various hints was Norman
    2. eagc7
      hey guys, what ever happened to the red proto goblin? I mean I watched the film and he was nowhere to be found
      Avid Arad say that proto goblin was not in the film, the character of Rajit Ratha was incorrectly said to be van adder, but he wasnt, but a diff character
    3. UltraAlanMagnus
      Bender is Awesome.
    4. Crazy Ramjetty
    5. joevill
    6. Crazy Ramjetty
      Crazy Ramjetty
      how do you know me?
    7. joevill
      Sup Ryland
    8. Crazy Ramjetty
      Crazy Ramjetty
      megatronus prime
      solus prime
      vector prime
      nexus prime
      alchemist prime
      amalgamous prime
      . . . fine you win
    9. eagc7
      firstly: I liked revenge of the fallen, yes it had its flaws but there were also awesome scenes (like the forest battle for one)
      secondly: to go off on a rant
      1. how everybody seemed to be orange
      2. that douchebag government guy who's name I can't even bother to remember
      3. leo's bitching and electrocuting his own nuts
      4. simmons pulling his pants down
      5. ravage getting his spine ripped out (I thought that was gross)
      6. how the decepticons underestimated the humans, again (which would later be repeated in dark of the moon)
      7. the human plotline
      8. that there were only 7 primes instead of 13
      9. other reasons I don't have the effort to name right now

      now that being said, I'd call revenge of the fallen an okay movie, it has good, it has bad, smash it all together and you have okay.
      Ya know Hasbro said that There were 13 Original tfs, BUT ONLY 7 had the name prime, even in the Aligned continuty establish that 7 of the 13 were primes
    10. Crazy Ramjetty
      Crazy Ramjetty
      I've been doing good, been playing a lot of team fortress 2, loving ponies, kinda planning botcon and various other things. how have you been doing?
    11. Transfan2
      Hi Crazy Ramjetty,
      May I ask how you been doing?

    12. Crazy Ramjetty
      Crazy Ramjetty
      O_O damn, I have not been paying attention
    13. eagc7
      and as i said it was out since september
    14. Crazy Ramjetty
      Crazy Ramjetty
      huh, well you find good pieces to crop
    15. PaladinVance
      I mainly just crop them from stuff I find
    16. eagc7
      its okay
    17. Crazy Ramjetty
      Crazy Ramjetty
      not really, no offense but hearing abouit peoples collection doesn't interest me
    18. eagc7
      yep. not stated on the movie but was mentioned on the early scripts nad adaptations, also the movies seem to prove this, if the knownledge had never moved to the cube, sam would had been bugged by the symbosl on DOTM

      i got my first tf prime toy, wanna know who i got or not really interested in hearing?
    19. Crazy Ramjetty
      Crazy Ramjetty
      that is proven fact?
    20. eagc7
      okay a lot of folks have been saying "Sam and Carly shouldn't be in the fourth movie" which although I agree paramount probably does not. so what would the plot line be for Sam and Carly? I'd say that decepticons try and kidnap Sam because he's still got the allspark info in his mind and the autobots are trying to protect him and figure out a safe way of extracting the info. but what do you guys think? how would they put Sam in the fourth film if there is one?
      wont work as all the knownledge he had of the allspark was moved to the matrix after he was revived
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