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Apr 19, 2024 at 9:01 AM
Jun 30, 2009
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Cracka J

judas in my mind, Male, 43

TFW2005 Supporter
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Apr 19, 2024 at 9:01 AM
    1. Dark Prime
      Dark Prime
      "Bolts of rebellion / A thunderous voice in his heart / Speaks of one true law! Voltaic Chains!"
      I really need that striker pack for pc lol
    2. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      What is on your sig?
      1. Cracka J
        Cracka J
        devin townsend project! give him a listen, lots of great stuff.
        Feb 8, 2017
    3. GoLion
      And I see that I sent you a message about this before. LMAO. I have a terrible memory.
    4. GoLion
      lol. Everytime I see that TURD PARTY DUMPSTERPIECE tag I laugh.
    5. pokemonsdoom
      amazing avatar my friend,
    6. Weezie
      Hahaha yeah I can imagine.
    7. Weezie
      I misread your profile text as "THIRD PARTY CUM DUMPSTER"

      Sorry, didn't mean to get graphic :lol
    8. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Yes! I'llPM you the info
    9. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      What times are the gamin sessions again? None of you guys ever seem to be on anymore. Or else I have the wrong time in mind.
    10. GoLion
      Turd party dumpsterpiece? You, sir, made a funny.
    11. Novaburnhilde
      Not just MMX, but the Mega-Man Zero and ZX too, I love those games. @.@
    12. Novaburnhilde
      Love your avatar. I was recently given the first Azure Striker: Gunvolt, and I looove it. Really looking forward to the next game. :D
    13. GR1ML0CK
      Some asshole with 57 posts named beeker flew off the handle when i asked why they think badcubes tail lights are ugly when they're cartoon accurate. I was tempted to troll the shit out of him cause he's fodder but instead i tried to calm him down which in turn blew up in my face. Classic :ev:
    14. GoLion
      ... I might have you confused with someone else. My bad.
    15. GoLion
      Don't worry, Sam. I still don't hold any grudges.
    16. GoLion
      The thing is you try to claim the moral high ground while simulataneously doing morally reprehensible things. You admit to trolling people while also getting angry when people do it to you. Your best response is to block them when they call you out on your shenanigans. How does that old saying about pointing one finger also means pointing three back at yourself? And you're right, you are indeed toxic.
    17. ParaChomp
      Let me quote Xenoblade Chronicles.

      So what program am I supposed to download?
    18. ParaChomp
      I'm really feeling it.
    19. GoLion
      Baby cant you see that I'm falling...
    20. Starfire22
      Dropped about $42.50 for the pouch. Though, Amazon did have a tough time deciding what 3rd party was gonna sell it. :lol
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