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Jul 23, 2021 at 10:15 AM
    1. Superquad7
      Have you made it to NC yet?
    2. Morgred
      Thanks, Looks like just about any generic Japanese schoolgirl Ive ever seen.

      And, to your second sentence...O_o
    3. Morgred
      What is that figure in you signature?
      And what is happening there...
    4. QuinJester
      That's the best way to do it, definitely. Become the monster you were meant to be.
    5. QuinJester
      It's definitely a slow burning game, and there's definitely a LOT of combat.

      On the other hand, it does one of the best jobs I've seen in a JRPG of actually creating an open and changeable plot, even down to entire boss fights and dungeons being different depending on your actions - not just endings.
    6. QuinJester
      Hah, that would be amusing. Vincent was already in P3P, and Atlus have done guest bosses before (the MC from Nocturne is a bonus boss in Digital Devil Saga).

      How's Nocturne going?

    7. QuinJester
      I had looked up some of the other endings after I finished last night, and pretty much all of the other ones looked better from the cursory looks I gave them (specifically the chaos endings, damn) - That made me even more aggravated about the ending I had gotten, especially since I'd put up with Katherine and all of her queen bitchiness throughout the game only to have it all thrown away.

      It turns out that Vincent's idea of freedom is simple irresponsibility :(. It doesn't seem very grown up at all. I suppose it's the closest thing the game has to BAD END. Oh well.
    8. QuinJester
      Both girls were terrible options in the end, but still Vincent just saying "eh. Whatevs! I'm going to just stop giving a damn!" was a huge cop out.

      I would have been so much happier with a different third option.

    9. GogDog
      Ah I just saw the pic. Before and after I assume?
    10. GogDog
      Will they be orange capped?
    11. GogDog
      The Answer is awesome because of the ending. It supplements the ending of The Journey and makes both the MC and Nyx seem infinitely more badass.
    12. GogDog
      You don't want to know.
    13. GogDog
    14. QuinJester
      I am. miconway83. And I'm already stalking you there. Bwahahaha, etc...
    15. chapsy
      Damn, figures they'd be released when I'm broke!
      thanks for the heads up though :)
    16. Counterpunch?
      Aww shit! My boss just walked by and I had to explain all this...

      "You see, this is how little baby planes are made..."
    17. QuinJester

      Forget moeblob catgirls. There's nothing like the real thing ;). Awwww yeah.
    18. chapsy
      hey sure thing man, I was actually wondering ho many people from here are from DE.
      I'd love to do a meetup sometime. that'd be awesome!
    19. Blurrz
      Werd uppppp
    20. Christian Prime
      Christian Prime
      Ta very much! :wink: And Makoto does look kinda cute there! :D and a sly chuckle on what could've happened to good ole' Blanka! :p
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