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May 17, 2017
Jul 1, 2011
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Cool tables

CT - Customs, Male, from Zagreb , Croatia

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May 17, 2017
    1. Cool tables
      Cool tables
      Yeah,it is lot of work,I have 10 apartmets that can fit almost 50 people,and must take care of everthing,from welcoming,repairs,cleaning, preparing lamb and searving dinners to sending them off and do everthing one again for the next guests.Everday for almost 3 months.
      Most of the guests are returning for many years and then became friends,so there is lot of drinking involved witch makes work a bit harder,but I must be a good houst. :)
      Lots of rakija,even more grass and looking at tits and asses keep me holding on :)
      If you ever come to Croatia let me know,I have great rakija :)
      I could do a custom for selling ( probalay Pyro) only when I have time,and that is only during the winter months, that makes a situation harder if someone would like to order something,but time will tell.
      It is so great that You turned your hobby into a job,keep on doing it because you are very good at it.
    2. pumpkingonzo
      G1 Pyro will be good :) Apartment/rent sounds hard work but interesting.

      Sometimes, customs can become a little less exciting depending on the customer :) But in general, every piece is a challenge and most I really enjoy. It's amazing really my hobby being my job, and I really appreciate it. I'd love to keep some! But I can't. They have to pay the bills. The Hotlink on eBay at the moment I'm a bit gutted to be selling. I wanted to keep him.
    3. Cool tables
      Cool tables
      Not really,I do not have time as much as I would like to do customs,specialy in the summer season because I have apartments on the islad of Pag that I am renting and have lot of work with the guestsand everything else.
      Almost all customs are for my collection so no rush,and I am also afraid that if I start doing customs for selling it will become pressure and will not enjoy in it as much as I do now,
      Is it like that with You ?
      Nice lineup to work on,looking forward to see.My next project will be Advanced ( almost MP ) version of G1 Pyro
    4. pumpkingonzo
      Congratulations mate :) Yeah, I've attended a fair few baby birthday parties. And, yeah, try not to step on a crawling baby :D

      I'm good, thanks. Got my Hotlink on ebay which I think is perhaps my best ever custom, MP Nemesis Blustreak also on ebay and a few commissions booked in for February which is great news. Got a red and black MP Grimlock Autobot and a purple and black MP Grimlock Decepticon planned which I'm looking forward to.

      Have you got much lined up?
    5. pumpkingonzo
      I missed your last message, sorry mate. Only just saw it :)
      Did you have a son or daughter?
    6. Cool tables
      Cool tables
      Things are all in rush,gonna have a baby in 2 months so now instead of doing customs,I am building small furniture :)
      I traded Autobot X for Hasbro MP Soundwave ,and made an even better one,just have to finish painting
      How about You,building anything interesting ?
    7. pumpkingonzo
      Hi mate.
      How are things?
    8. Cool tables
      Cool tables
      Thank you :)
      I am scale sick so I done my a little bigger :)
      Just lately started visiting radicons more often,but now I see how much I have missed
    9. pumpkingonzo
      You've done an amazing job!
      I did a Autobot X, it was on Radicons some time ago now, from a classics Prowl. Your Autobot X is just stunning! I absolutely love it:)
    10. Cool tables
      Cool tables
      Thank you,those 2 are my first scratch build customs,all before was repaint,
      Still can not bellive so many people like it :)
    11. pumpkingonzo
      I love your Metroplex and Autobot X!
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