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Jan 6, 2020
Aug 21, 2006
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Yeshua Is Mashiach.


Hi all, been out for loong but casting repro drivers is back.... visit my facebook page: Aug 18, 2018

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Jan 6, 2020
    1. Nathimus Prime
      Nathimus Prime
      I"m sure you get this all the time... but I'd love to find one of your custom Orion Pax heads. Its amazing how those things have made it around the internet. Feel my eHobby Pax isn't complete without the proper head.
    2. convoymagnus
    3. Jace B
      Jace B
      Sounds like you are planning on casting Diaclone stuff again, fantastic news! There are a ton of people on the Diaclone Reboot thread that are interested in getting Waruder recasts. If you post over there I am sure everyone will be interested!
    4. Toolala
      Would be extremely interested in buying some Waruders if you decide to cast again.
    5. Righ7 turn
      Righ7 turn
      Hi! Any chance you'll be casting these again soon?
    6. taterx
      I'm interested in getting some of those sweet Waruder & Diaclone drivers. When I see you're ready I'll put in an order
    7. convoymagnus
      Hi all, This year I am trying to focus in a casting comeback, so Diaclone drivers might see a light in about 6 months, stay tuned!
    8. Tzarcustoms
      are you still making the ko diaclone drivers? i need the coorect drivers for wheeljack, sideswipe, jazz, and the jeep. please let me know thanks!
    9. prime777
      Hi, I hope this will be your comeback year! :) I know a lot of people on here that can't wait untill your triumphant return to the tfw world! :)
    10. convoymagnus
      Hi, to EVERYONE that in some time has contacted me about the Diaclone drivers, I would like to apologize for never getting back to your messages. I was Not trying to be rude! Just that I barely visit the forums now and I will be honest, even though I like transformers and Diaclone, I am not into casting at this moment in my life. I may comback some day? Only time will tell, but hey thank you so much for your interest. If some day I ever come back to casting I will post a message here. Thanks again!
    11. Fishdirt
      Are you still doing diaclone driver casts?
    12. prime777
      He sure does nice work! :) I hope he gets back to building the diaclone drivers again. :)
    13. autojazz
      hello. I am looking forward to getting some of your diaclone drivers
    14. scarnivac
      Hey Dude,
      Awesome FB page! Just made a request to become a member.
      If there's anything I can do to help you with the page let me know!
    15. sirmiggs
      I forgot to msg you earlier, but I got the order in a few days ago and it looks even BETTER than the photo! Thank you VERY MUCH! :)

      ...Once I finish my project I will send you a picture.
    16. Tampalicious
      Hey dude, do you think you can cast a Trailbreaker head that would somehow work with classics Ironhide's body?
    17. Pintopower
      Just saw the thread about the drivers! Sorry I asked a dumb question. I will need to order a few from you. Is there anything else you make? I am looking for someone to make the window assemble for a G1 Datsun mold.
    18. Pintopower
      So do you have any links to images of your repaints? I would also love a few drivers. What do you charge for them?
    19. scarnivac
      everything's fine over here :)
      any new projects going on?
    20. Big Filipino
      Big Filipino
      I like your motto. Hope to see you around the Christian TF forum sometime.
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