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    1. GoseiWonder
      So how's that CW Brawl?
    2. Marto6
      Hi Brandon, How you been since Frankiecon? Good I hope... Quick question for you. Are there any CW Onslaughts up that way yet? Or have they worked through already? Or even shown up? Any info would be I am looking to find a Onslaught. Thanks bud.
    3. Marto6
      Hi. Brandon, How have you been... ? Sorry I haven't talked with you in awhile.. Have been busy with work and moving into a house... Hope you are well. I have a favor to ask if I may? Could you secure a Sunstorm from TRus for me? That would be awesome. Not sure how I feel about a grim lock..... Well let me know if your okay with my request? See you in the near future... I have a new phone #. 1-320-979-3322. Thanks. Martin
    4. Marto6
      Hey Brandon,

      I wanted to let you know I got a Acid Storm from Toys R Us site just now... So no need to look for that one for me. Thanks for your efforts if you were though. Thanks agaian for the help with SW! He's cool ... Lightest masterpiece at that size though. Hot Rod weighs more till you fill SW with cassets....
    5. Marto6
      Hi Brandon,

      Should we be lucky enough to get the masterpieces released during the bogo promo..... Please try and get a SW and Acid storm. If the promo is not current... just Soundwave. Thanks as Always for your hunting for me. You are truly appreicated!
    6. Wintergreene
      Hey Conan,

      Wanted to check in with you since you were such a help with finding a mp-10 prime for me awhile back. Was hoping maybe you could keep an eye open for me when soundwave came out. I know you already got a request in, but would still appreciate it if you let me know if you see them hitting tru.

    7. Marto6
      Hey Brandon,

      Wanted to say hello....Hope things are good for you since I haven't needed a figure found.... I wanted to ask if you could...when the time comes, Which should be a while off yet? Please keep me in mind for a TRS soundwave. Will be grateful to you as always =). just leave me a reply if you are cool with doing so. Thanks Martin
    8. Marto6
      HI Brandon,

      Well, It being turkey day tomorrow...A day of thanks and such. I just wanted to say Thank you to you for your taking the time to help me get some cool figures this summer and fall. Thanks for being open to helping me out. I wish you and your family a great/safe day. Later,
    9. Marto6
      Brandon, Thanks for your efforts again! I will leave you some feedback of course. Also.... I stopped by Toys R Us on my way out of town.... They had a HotSpot there! So they must of restocked today..... They had the GDO scouts too. Passed on thoses though. Brawel looked like the best of those IMO. Later Martin.
    10. Marto6
      Brandon. Thanks again for chasing down a MP Prime.... I have yet another request. Could you keep a look out for the GDO voyagers. Just Hot Spot and the Dive bomb? The airplane guy. If so....Thank you very much. Martin
    11. Marto6
      Hi Brandon,

      Say I wanted to ask if you could be on the look out for me on a couple figures? The would be a Prime first edtion vehicon and Terrocon Cliff jumper. Also Looking for a MP Prime yet too. Thanks as always for any efforts. Martin

      Thanks again for the help with the GDO wheelie.
    12. Marto6
      HI Conan050,

      I'm a fellow MN collector. I would be intrested in that spare wheely you picked up. Let me know if you still have it and terms of sale. I could drive to get it.Live just 1hr away. Was in fact at the TRU today looking for him. SO, Hello to you and hope to hear back from you. Marto6
    13. kanvis
      Hi Im interested in your bulkhead. Im assuming it is the hasbro version, correct?
    14. stprime
      any chance of trading out main bodies? please!?!?!?
    15. stprime
      you know you want that mp megs.....
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