Mar 1, 2013
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(╭☞ꗞᨓꗞ)╭☞, Male, 23, from Mississauga Ontario

    1. Barricade24
      Yeah, I'd appreciate any feedback you've got.
    2. Barricade24
      Hey, just curious if you have been reading Desolation. I haven't seen you post there for quite awhile.
    3. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      So in the case, we'd basically use the reserve system I propsed quite a while ago?
    4. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      So is it ok with you if when we start the new signup thread we drop the character limit and just say it will be reimplemented if we think it's necessary? Because at this point, with almost 1,000 pages of RP, no one new is going to join.
    5. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Ok, got it. That answers the question I was about to ask.
    6. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      I think you should announce this on the signup thread so people are aware of it and can be able to wrap things up once we start to get close to page 1000.
    7. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Indeed. And a lot of people want the characters they've been hogging for months (I personally want Swindle and maybe Arcee)
    8. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Indeed, although I'm tempted to make Kaijuguy and Combaticonsfvr's characters up for grabs since neither of them have posted (yes, Kaijuguy has posted like, three times, but those posts were montgs apart and irrelevent to the plot of the RP.)

      In addition I'll either drop the character limit or implement the reserve list idea.
    9. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Just let me know when it's time for Part 2.

      Should people have to re-app their characters or should their claims from Part 1 just carry over?
    10. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Sure, I'll do it.
    11. TFan2013
      Cool beans! :)
    12. TFan2013
      So you'll message him about it?
    13. TFan2013
      Mega isn't on nearly enough to keep up with everything. I'd go with GG as the top pick.
    14. TFan2013
      GG often seems present and up to date on things. Ranger too, but Ranger is in college now, so that might change come fall.
    15. TFan2013
      Well If a new thread is started as Colonies part 2 then some new person in charge could take care of those responsibilities for ya.
    16. TFan2013
      HAve you thought of handing over your RPG over to someone who's on more often, at least temporarily, so that character locations and players can be updated regularly?
    17. TFan2013
      How come your never on your own RPG?
    18. Jet
      sorry I deleted ur Pm by mistake my inbox was full
    19. GingaMagnus
      Siren is needed in Colonies and we still need a quick wrap-up post in that one place.
    20. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Megatron and Scourge (RID) are now on Animus. The Victory has left Earth and is heading for Animus; Suture, Starscream, BB, Flamewar, and Nightbird are on board.
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