Mar 1, 2013
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(╭☞ꗞᨓꗞ)╭☞, Male, 23, from Mississauga Ontario

    1. SeanTF1967
      Hey I want to run this by you first.

      I want to claim Sundor, but instead of having to be a Casette, I will have him be a robot who can transform into a laserbeak looking bird and spies for the Decepticons.
    2. SeanTF1967
      Star Saber needs some support, even though it is sort of OOC, it will work eventually
    3. SeanTF1967
    4. SeanTF1967
      I am saying in his bio that he did disregard Star Saber before and hold on let me copy some things from earlier
    5. SeanTF1967
      I am thinking having him be honour able, I have read up his Tfwiki profile. I believe that in Colonies, Dai Atlas should have some honour and well, I think he will stick with it. Thanks for the advice, but I feel Dai Atlas deserves some justice.
    6. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Thrust is needed in Colonies, as Whirl is attacking the ship while Swindle and Ramjet are out.
    7. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Yeah, you could drop Skullgrin, Howlback, or Slog.

      You know the other thing I've noticed? The three most obvious Decepticons to have on Velocitron - Ransack, Crumplezone, and Dirt Boss - haven't been claimed.
    8. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Oh, and also, Dirge (TFan) and Ramjet (Sigmus) are both working as the muscle for SwindleCo. I know you have a lot of open character slots (you only have like what, 3 characters?) so might you be interested in taking Thrust so all 3 Coneheads are working for Swindle?
    9. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Which was a wise decision.
    10. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Another contributing factor, I think, is that at the time it started it was something really new and different. The RP community here was still rather young at that point and Colonies just felt and sounded kind of official, which made it cool.

      Not to mention the fact that you managed to get several well-known, talented people like Megatronski and Stone involved right off the bat, which I'm sure helped draw people in.
    11. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      This is just something I was wondering about earlier today... what factors do you think have caused Colonies to become so successful?
    12. SeanTF1967
      Were you at TFcon?
    13. Grimlock22
      Not really, First Aid kind locked down the place on a quarantine because of the fast acting dissease thingy that I still need to name. I'm sorry.
    14. Grimlock22
    15. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      Good idea.
    16. SeanTF1967
      Is that ok with you?
    17. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      So you, me, Megatronski, Ranger, and Faf?
    18. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      I think it would be good in the thread to say who all the mods of the RP are, just so people know. It's you, me, Megatronski, and Ranger, correct? Anyone else I'm missing?
    19. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      So TFan has informed me we're actually at 1,016 pages, so I'm going to start the Signup Thread V2. I updated the last paragraph to better reflect recent events in the RP. I'll PM it to you because it's too long for me to post in a visitor message.
    20. SeanTF1967
      I am ready to return to Colonies
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