Mar 1, 2013
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(╭☞ꗞᨓꗞ)╭☞, Male, 23, from Mississauga Ontario

    1. Meta777
      Drabbles are easier, I feel. They have no tension or build-up, just a wee bit of fun. Probably might do some. You can add your own whenever you feel like it too :3
    2. Meta777
      Oh man, Coffee, I'm-a so sorry! But I've been struggling to muster up my sparky sparks for it, so I might as well take it off my ass for a bit and see if I can reboot myself.

      On the bright side, it'll give you time to catch up and hopefully I'll regain my flare and start cranking out more meta madness :D
    3. Sigmus Prime
      Sigmus Prime
      That's all well and good, but there honestly needs to be some deleting. I, for one, would be fine with going back and deleting all of my posts with Prowl that occurred after he left the room he wrecked. I don't want to leave the mind wipe in after the grief I've been given over it, not to mention it messes up the entire situation.
    4. Sigmus Prime
      Sigmus Prime
      Best I can think of is deleting Prowl's mindwipe incident, since that's what angered everyone in the first place.
    5. TFan2013
      *poke* You are needed in the Colonies.
    6. TFan2013
    7. TFan2013
      If not, I can help answer questions or tell ya.
    8. TFan2013
      Are you caught up on what's going on?
    9. TFan2013
    10. TFan2013
      Please be on tonight.
    11. TFan2013
      When you get a chance, please play Skyjack on Velocitron. Skywarp just made a mini commotion over a tiny dinobot. :p
    12. TFan2013
      you are here right? May need your character in a little bit on Velocitron.
    13. God Ginrai
      God Ginrai
      So since Swindle isn't gonna make it to Velocitron in time for the race, and Jallguar ended up not needing what Swindle was going to sell him, maybe Swindle could stop by the Colossus.
    14. TFan2013
      Seriously, everyone on Velocitron is wating for the cons to finish that scene with his jaguar character, so they can start the race. Please finish the scene in your RPG, so we can move on.
    15. TFan2013
      LegoTF is not doing anything on Velocitron because he's waiting for some kind of response from the cons. Please move the story along.
    16. GingaMagnus
      Magnus isn't going to complain about this one.
    17. GingaMagnus
      Whenever you get the chance, you might want to have Repugnus go ahead and ignore Magnus' order and stay outside. I kinda forgot that they were supposed to be the distraction team for a minute.
    18. SeanTF1967
      Also to quote the surprised thing, he will explain that once he tells them about the Scourge ordeal, how he was surprised with Scourge.
    19. SeanTF1967
      I haven't told them about Scourge, yet. I will keep that in mind.

      ((The Optimus part was edited afterward.))
    20. SeanTF1967
      The war was going on back then. He was shot, (he shot himself.) by Scourge, and he will explian how Scourge found him and explained the war and he shot him and he played dead and Scourge was called back to base and Sundor was dead with no weapons.
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