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Big, bad beetle-bot

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Jan 20, 2020
    1. Soundwaver
    2. Soundwaver
      The males do outnumber the females, but maybe in the past it was 50/50. During the great war, most of the femmes left. Maybe one femme can get fertilize by more then one mech. However they don't have to mate to pass on their genes. Since that they're complex organism, they need both genes from different genders. They can engineer themselves, but still need genes from both sexes for genetic diversity.
    3. Soundwaver
      Actually if they are genderless then Springer and Rodimus had wasted their time competing for Arcee in DW. Solus Prime and Megatronus shouldn't be in a romantic relationship. Asexual beings don't have:
      Sex ( can't have gender without a sex. Gender came from sex)

      Even parthenogenetic species are doom because they're offsprings lack genetic diversity. That's not good for fighting off illness.
    4. Soundwaver
      Sorry, but they are actual male and female. You and some others can't accept that because they're just sentient robots in your and their eyes. Only in the Marvel and AC is where they aren't. Anyway maybe they aren't sexed by the way organics are. Maybe it's define by their spark

      Ps. They're too complex to be asexually or only just to be asexually reproducing. That can wipe them out.
    5. Tyrannosaur
      You absolutely PWN! :D
      Loved your comment on that thread about that new type of life. Some people really need to go back to their high school biology class.

      I wish I could have provided the same response but I know only a little about the mechanisms of evolution when it comes to genetics. My specialty is just looking at examples of evolution in the fossil record. Can't wait to learn more about it next year when I go to college.
    6. eagc7
      the reason fo hwy im passing TF priem is Beucase the designs Looks So Ugly, and Badly Made, these are not the characters i know they are cheaply bad made characters
    7. optimus_tractor
      Just wanted to say I'm glad you're speaking out in the movie forums.
    8. Tyrannosaur
    9. MROptimusPrime
      What are you talking about?
    10. Devastator001
      Initially there are quite a bit of field work to collect these beetles. A lot of the specimens examined during the study came from the beetles housed in the insect museum. My role was to identify those beetles and provide data for the specimens from my personal collection. You are right about Nematodes collaris coming to blacklight. I have one specimen from Ohio collected from that technique. It is a super rare beetle. My colleague once regarded the species extinct because it wasn't collected for more than a century. When I first started collecting adult beetles, I would often have to beat the leaves from a tree to knock any insects onto a sheet. Nowadays, I use flight intercept traps to collect them.

      You should check out this: Family Eucnemidae - False Click Beetles - BugGuide.Net

      I am an expert and an editor for the website. I am building up the information on the family, but it's still a little rough. You can check out the images for many species already linked to that page.
    11. John_Force
      What's the secret to the ultimate fall off the bone turkey?
    12. Haloid1177
      I just think your posts are hilarious and they always hit the mark.

      Plus your a Star Wars fan, and so am I.
    13. Sage o' G-fruit
      Sage o' G-fruit
      Your awesome posts as of late.
    14. ninety
      I had no idea what I'd posted till I checked! Thread was a couple of months ago. Boosh is good, the first two series are the best, the third's OK. Saw them live a couple of years ago, great stage act. I've PM'd you a link to a site I use for shows (I've got them on DVD, but they're on there).
    15. llamatron
      I cannot believe that people did not catch the sarcasm in your scientific community rant.
    16. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      Everyone thinks he's cool until his burning cock is up their back passage.
    17. Cheetatron
      The content of my sig is from "The X-Box Killer" episode of The Boondocks
    18. Tyrannosaur
      Damn you're smart lol.
    19. funstorm
      that hair is glorious.i love it
    20. funstorm
      thanks for the kick ass new avatar
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