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Oct 3, 2019
Feb 4, 2006
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cobra zartan

Think's He's a Detective.

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Oct 3, 2019
    1. megamus
      Ha,Ha, stink!!!!!!!;)

      Now sell me one o them there Lucky Drawers!!!!
      i know. i cleared some space.
    3. llamatron
      Hey what day / night are you arriving for Botcon?
    4. Protoman
      Oh Zartan bro, everything is awesome. Got it yesterday. Looks great thanks again!
    5. llamatron
      holy crap man you're starting to offload your LD's? Cutting back to just microns?
    6. Hyperoptic
      Thanks again CZ. I might be able to swing it next week. Let me know if I can help you with anything on my side man...
    7. Hyperoptic
      I saw that... Would you say that he's definitely not a KO?
    8. Hyperoptic
      Thank you... I've had my eye on him for a few days now :)
    9. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      i wish. the spare bedroom is going to be a gym, mel already called it. but i get to plan out an build a garage, that will end up being my "Sanctuary" lol
      gonna go all out, make it glass cases and the whole nine yards :lol

      only downside is it's gonna take a couple of years.
    10. headrobots
      thx for the support CZ, as an exception for you we will ship to canada. LMK if you know any good canadian distributors to contact for all our other canadian collector brothers!
    11. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      not as much as you'd think, but was still an utter byotch to finance

      goddam bank &_@#$%@%$
    12. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      :lol yeah she did good last year :D

      i'm really excited about it, it's great for a starter home here, an it's on 1.6 acres, which i now own lol.

      I GOT ME SOME LAND!!! :D
    13. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      lol well Mel an I just bought a house!

      we close on the 23 of Feb, Mel's starting to worry about botcon, but i'm still tryin for it, cuz i'm sure we could still afford it, but will have to make cuts.
    14. llamatron
      Roughly Vancouver or somewhere in B.C.
    15. llamatron
      You're the only Canadian I know - what are cool / interesting things to do in Canada, mainly on the Western side?
    16. RoboticPlanet
      llama is loosely planned and Bryan is on the maybe list.
    17. RoboticPlanet
      Yup! Have a room for two - which means at least 5 peeps will fit in there. :D
    18. Shockwing
      Doing well. And you? You get any good bots lately? I've been on a G2 kick and am trying to cobble together Monstructor.
      Si told me you're already booked for Botcon. I'm going to make up my mind when I hear/see the botcon set. And I'm always looking for someone to spoon with (of course, Si likes being the girl).
      Tell Annie I say Hi. Oh, and you need to mess with her facebook soon--I really enjoy that.
    19. llamatron
      Check with Nathan, I'm not sure who we've got atm. I'm sure he'll be able to squeeze in somewhere though.
    20. llamatron
      Nathan's reserved one, now we just got to fill it.
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