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Oct 3, 2019
Feb 4, 2006
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cobra zartan

Think's He's a Detective.

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Oct 3, 2019
    1. llamatron
      Send me your Actionmaster / Euro wants list once you've updated it with stuff you got from botcon and I'll keep an eye out - got a local toy show coming up in a few weeks so might be able to find some things there.

      also tell that roboticplanet douche he's a loser for not liking actionmasters.
    2. RoboticPlanet
      No worries; I don't think we could have anyway since you guys were in part A and I was in part B of the airport.

      Holy Crap - actionmaster fail. This is why I don't collect them. They're stupid and confuse me. :p
    3. firehawc_69
      I'm taking offers. Think of it as a silent auction. I'm getting a feel for what everything's worth to people.
    4. llamatron
      I'm loving these KO Headmasters, so glad that you passed them on to me at cost ($100 USD shipped) and didn't try to make an extra $100+ profit from it!

      I'm starting to work on schemes to make 2011 happen, will see how it pans out...
    5. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      So how was botcon, you an annie get a tan :lol
      Mel an I are excited to hear about botcon being in Pasadena next year, specialy since we can make it by car, (16 hour drive nontheless)

      Really wish we coulda made it this year, you an annie should send us some pics on what we missed lol.
    6. megamus
      At the hotel east 3rd floor room 6 heading to the gym. You need to meet me there I need from free weights. Seriously if you can go to the gym or call my cell 8597436333
    7. RoboticPlanet
      I'll add kick-off to your sack o' crap I'm already building for you. :thumb
    8. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      Hey matt, hope you an annie have a good time good time in florida, take some cool pics for me, and if you get the chance, see if you can find a sixshot rifle :lol i'm good for it :D
    9. llamatron
      I got 7 PM pickup. Did you get 6 PM?
    10. llamatron
      Didn't I hook you up with them last year? I don't have any more at the moment unfortunately.
    11. llamatron
      Hells yeah!
    12. llamatron
      I'll take that g2 rotorforce racing car (can't remember his name), assuming it's just missing the blue rotor thing... oh and maybe those two stormtroopers.
    13. prime13
      Nearest city is Grande Prairie, I live in Wembley.
    14. devstar37
      damn but yea check with megamus.
    15. devstar37
      nope i didnt, there is a guy everyyear he spends at least 300 on the them. find him or i think megamus wants tehm as well. its cool and all but. by the way you do you have a goodbye megs poster you want to sell that i will buy.
    16. llamatron
      Three weeks!

      You guys are doing the tour and Wednesday night package pickup, yeah?
    17. llamatron
      No Jack in a Box that I can see... but there's the IHOP, Denny's, Taco Bell and Chick Fil A all right next to each other.
    18. llamatron
      There's an IHOP less than 3 miles from the Botcon hotel...
    19. Hotspot17
      Yeah, do it. Get one for me.
    20. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      Hey matt, sorry for the lack of commo, i suck at responding lol i really need to work on that.

      Unfortunatly, we can't go to botcon, because now we're going to michigan, to see Mel's deadbeat dad. I am epicly pissed. It's a long drawn out crappy story, but basicly the same as always for me, mel's family fuckin up our plans. Sorry man, was really looking forward to seeing you annie, steve and nate again. She says we'll be going next year, even started a savings for it, but this still sucks.
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