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Oct 3, 2019
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cobra zartan

Think's He's a Detective.

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Oct 3, 2019
    1. Sharpfinger

      "Sorry, this item is out of stock acturally, so we closed the order for you. Pls choose another items."

      At least you and I tried :(
    2. Primal Sabbath
      Primal Sabbath
      Wow that's awesome! Thanks a lot. You've definitely pointed me in the right direction for my final holy grail! Do these usually sell out a lot? I know that's probably a really dumb question, but I have never bought a prototype and this will be the only one I plan to get.
      Basically, from your past experience, would you expect it to be available in a month? Lol
    3. Primal Sabbath
      Primal Sabbath
      How do I go about getting a taobao deputy service? All of this is pretty new to me. And what does that price translate to American Dollars, if you don't mind translating for me?
    4. cobra zartan
      cobra zartan
      No problem, was also able to help the guy looking for the big convoy proto :)
    5. Sharpfinger
      Thanks Cobra Zartan! I already have Prime and Megatron and got very excited with this Bumblebee for sale.
    6. Sharpfinger

      This is Official? Do you know how to buy from taobao?

      Oh boy!
    7. process
      Ebay: 2 Transformers Autobot Aluminum Badge Emblems Red | eBay

      They're embossed aluminum, very nice.
    8. llamatron
      No :(

      Not sure if I'll make it... the timing sucks this year. I'll be in the States about a week before though. :(
    9. Lbsammills51
      In case you hadn't picked it up yet, remember that Pure Energon O.P. that came out a few months ago? Turns out it is a different shade of blue than Shining O.P. It's more of an electric blue (like Pure Energon O.P.) compared to Shining O.P. (which is more of a purplish blue in comparison). I'll post more pics in the Micron Collectors Group but here's a side-by-side shot.

    10. Maz
      Beard pics!
    11. Maz
      Pictures or it didn't happen! :lol
    12. Maz
      Most unlikely I'm afraid :( One month later and it would have been possible for both Paul and I and our families, but June isn't a time I can get off work. Damn shame. How you been anyway mate? Still rocking that impressive beard? :D
    13. Lbsammills51
      FYI, in case you're still looking for Shining Gra B...

      Transformers Prime Shining Gra B Micron Campaign Exclusive Free Shipping | eBay
    14. megamus
      Thanks for the heads up I already got one. Btw it is suppose to have a cheaply made blaster gun. Keep em coming.
    15. mrduce1018
      I will be listing the Blue Magnus at $2300 or Best Offer. I will probably let go of the Drogoyell as well.
    16. mrduce1018
      I have the Blue Magnus and Black Megatron going up for auction soon as well.
    17. mrduce1018
      I am letting go of the Lucky Draws, I have owned them for a while now and feel others should have a chance to own them as well. I sill have all my Minicons! I am still collecting all the new ones and special campaign Microns. Just the LDs are going.
    18. Lbsammills51
      The SAME thing happened to me with my Shining O.P. and my Shining R.A. (the blue one with Arms Master Optimus). Was it on the "hip" joint on yours? I think I actually did a mini-review of Shining O.P. & B.2 in the Feedback forum and mentioned it.

      Strange thing is I haven't had any stress marks pop up on any other of my clear microns. The Shadow and Hellflame ones, plus Shining B.2, are fine. Go figure. Hopefully the hip joints on the Rainbow Shield R.A.s doesn't suffer the same problem.
    19. Lbsammills51
      My set of Rainbow Shield R.A.s just popped into my PoL at Big Bad! Did you get yours in too?
    20. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      and brofist right :D
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