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Mar 30, 2023
Feb 4, 2006
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cobra zartan

Think's He's a Detective.

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Mar 30, 2023
    1. Maximus Danz
      Maximus Danz
      How do you get all of these prototypes?
    2. Reflector Prime
      Reflector Prime
      Hey with the new site layout, is it now impossible to access groups? Would like to visit the uber rare collector thread.
      1. cobra zartan
        cobra zartan
        Feb 16, 2017
    3. Th0r4z1n3
      Yes I did, depending on how some things work out we may be talking about him ;)
    4. Deceptigtar
      haha already ordered sometime ago. kind of bummed as they had these at the con this past weekend but are not shipping to late may now when the site originally had it for early april.

      oh well.
    5. Lbsammills51
      I haven't seen many either, to my surprise; I think I saw more of them pop up on Mandarake than I have eBay (so far). I got mine from Bodhar since his price was slightly cheaper shipped than BBTS' price.
    6. Lbsammills51
      In case you hadn't picked up the Lost Age dino microns yet, a set of four's finally shown up on eBay:

      Takaratomy Transformers Dinobot Micron Minicon Ivan Paulie Thunderlips Sling | eBay
    7. jason jupiter
      jason jupiter
      yep, planning on BC for sure
    8. Lbsammills51
      Cool, thanks! Yeah definitely hit me up if you get some Legions.
    9. Lbsammills51
      Hola! I picked up Bludgeon and Magnus from Transfan2's shop. Still looking for the last Legion wave with Rotgut/Divebomb/Ace Vehicon.
    10. RedAlert Rescue
      RedAlert Rescue
      Hi, I read your comment here :

      I noticed you said you know the person who made the repro-headmasters - I was hoping to buy these but I could only find them on iOffer and when I went to a page selling them I got about a million virus warnings and red bar across the screen saying STOP!!!! so that sort of put me off a bit.

      I thought since you know their daddy so to speak you can point me at another possible place to buy them - and I was also wondering if you have any ideas about the repro-dino cassettes too and their repaints.

      Thanks for your time - I hope you don't mind me asking out of the blue like this...
    11. Ras
      Awesome man, had a worried moment the first day and a half as it was just straight up rain, but it soon changed. Went on the TF ride at Universal....unreal
    12. Ras
      We are the only two people currently looking at the collection thread. Kiss me.
    13. videriant
      Not just the horn, the eyebrow also. It was on the left side.
    14. Lbsammills51
      Hola. Not sure if you saw this yet or found a cheaper way to pick them up, but apparently Toy Arena is offering the set of three Go! campaign microns for just $38ish (counting sales tax). The new Prime Blaster isn't included, but that seemed like a decent deal (hopefully the link works, I'm on my pad).

      Transformers Go Autobot Samurai Micron Exclusive Set of 3 G01 G02 G03 Beast | eBay
    15. miasboytoy
      dude i facebooked you about the cash. lemme know what i owe and ill paypal you. ill send you my address on a pm here.
    16. 2punish&enslave
      Thanks for the heads up. I have seen a few of these in recent months but have elected to pass. I do have the regular El Greco Huffer though.
    17. daelite20
      We will be there at botcon. Pm what you want
    18. Pete Sync
      Pete Sync
      Let me check. We usually do...
    19. Deceptigtar
      gah bummer man. damn thats a lot of time lol. can always ask if she has more i guess. im still winning that damn auction, max bid was 150 just incase.
    20. Deceptigtar
      I did yes but me and Paul just bought two for 150 each if you find them cheaper cool but we didn't want to miss out. Just never know.
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