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Dec 22, 2020
Feb 2, 2005
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Cobalt Agent

My dick kills dinosaurs

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Dec 22, 2020
    1. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      And he's also The Re-Animator.

      No love for Arcee and Starscream my other two favs.
    2. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      So whose your fav charecter?
    3. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      What do you like about Prime?
    4. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      I see.

      So what do you think of Fall of Cybertron and Prime?
    5. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127

      So will he be Justice Prime's upgrade or his son?
    6. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127

      Should have gotten him atleast.
    7. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      Yeah! :lol

      So did you ever buy the new Justice Prime toy?
    8. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      Too bad he isn't alive in the modern times.

      he'd F**k shit up and he'd slap all the dead dictators. If their were a bio-pic of Jackson who'd play him?
    9. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      I see you like Andrew Jackson. He sounds like the kind of badass we need in politics today.
    10. eagc7
    11. The621
      Just a little observation I realized...


      I just realized something. Piranacon is COMBINED in the Nautilator Right arm configuration!

      Now in the comics and toy bios, Nautilator is a bumbling buffoon incapable of doing the simplest tasks and bound to screw up somewhere. And on occasions, it's stated that if Piranacon had combined with them as a limb, they would be less effective in combat because they are not of one mind!

      Now, taking this into account, would the fight that Piranacon and Galvatron had have changed anything if Piranacon had Overbite in Nautilator's stead? Would they have overpowered Galvatron or are we ignoring that small aspect?
    12. The621
      It's a ****** that believes wrestling or any fiction is real and behave in a stupid manner.
    13. The621
      Nobody reads the TFwiki and makes stupid threads that involve information ALREADY out there...

      If I wanted to make a thread, it be requesting information available that ISN'T out there yet. Fucking marks. It's like they watch wrestling and believe it's real.

      Here's an example of the shit these marks pull.

      Shit like this makes me want to just post "Shit at the end of last month's last year shit", despite the amount of IRL Banning it will get me... I'm going back to working on G1 Wipe-Out.
    14. The621
      Notice a pattern here since Animated, and the Movie-Trilogy ended and Prime began, bro? These marks are starting to really piss me off...
    15. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      Merry christmas.
    16. The621
      Justice Prime's Ark' is coming along. I'm going to do a story on him prior to his current standing as the greatest general of Seibertron. I need to make some liberties as well and need your help on this so it won't end up like some stupid revision like the Bayformers crap.
    17. Gigatron_2005
      Awww yeah. A bummer that thread got moved. :( I would have liked to counter your counterpoint as I stand by my ideas on this. :p Also, interesting numbers on that. Looked more like what I was expecting after you showed the 10%.
    18. The621
      Congrats on pwning that meatbag.
    19. The621
      Great to see you back on the boards.
    20. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127

      Where have you been. Also What do you think of the new G2 Lase...I mean Justice Prime.
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