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Mar 15, 2015
Nov 18, 2008
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Cmdr Prime

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Mar 15, 2015
    1. jgoss
      hi hope everything is ok drop me a message when you can
    2. jgoss
      Hello just wanted too check how things are and what a winter we had it was record breaking! Still have snow on the grass!!
    3. jgoss
      Hi cmdr prime just wondering how you are its been awhile.
    4. jgoss
      Thats cool I seen it once sadly but when ratchet was killed I was shocked!! I knew when optimus found out he would be pissed! The only put I didnt get was when klockdown told optimus the creators wanted him back. I was confused.
    5. jgoss
      Thats cool how much did it cost? And where did you get it? AOE comes out at the end of the month cant wait!! How many times did you see it?
    6. jgoss
      hi how are you? haven't talked too you in awhile.
    7. jgoss
      Wow very cool! Did the book cost you alot? And I just cant OVER AOE!! I had a dream about optimus last night!
    8. jgoss
      I seen it last night and you are right wow incredible!
    9. jgoss
      Hi how are you doing? Are you going 2 see AOE when it comes out? I'm going two see it next week!! cant wait!!
    10. jgoss
      that's great know i'm looking into maybe getting a computer and making monthly payments but not on a credit catd!
    11. jgoss
      sorry i haven't been on in awhile. but that's cool you did it yourself! i still haven't got my computer fixed!! no money!
    12. Primus Productions
      Primus Productions
      Doing Good, Just been making youtube videos lately
    13. Primus Productions
    14. jgoss
      that's what my laptop needs a new motherboard! the weather is cold and we got alot of snow this winter about 7 feet total!
    15. jgoss
      man that's messed up. my laptop is down right now but i'm hoping too get it fixed
    16. jgoss
      hi cmdr prime haven't talked to you in awhile. just wondering how you are.
    17. jgoss
      that's good i hear ya on the knees both of mine hurt sometimes. have you checking the news on tf4?
    18. jgoss
      hey cmdr prime haven't talked to you in awhile. how are you?
    19. jgoss
      glad that you are feeling better and if you are comfortable where you are right now i wouldn't move.
    20. jgoss
      just checking in too see how you are feeling.
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