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Viewing thread California Transformers Sightings, Apr 13, 2024 at 8:59 PM
    1. clonemanager
      Hunting lately on TFP BH wave5 Prowl... let me know if you see it from my side of bay area... from SF ~Santa Clara.

      *updated hunt down Rippensnapper legend from my local Walmart. also Prowl deluxe from target last week...

      now waiting for my Toyworld Orion to come to my doorstep....
    2. clonemanager
      Hunting mostly up to date except I have NOT come across the following even once.
      TF Prime Wave 3 (Vehicon on pegs; I did get Vehicon by fresh case from stock room)
      TF Prime wave 4 (Blackarnid on pegs: although I don't care)
      TF Prime Wave 5 nor Wave 6 "Rumble", "Kup" (except the soundwave, knockout, wheeljack and bumblebee w/ DVD)
      TF FoC Generation Deluxe wave 2 (Bruticus wave)
    3. clonemanager
      FoC Optimus earns the title of Quick changer has the ability to quick draw its weapon from vehicle mode to robot mode. It also can plug its rifle to the hole on its back. Pretty cool if you have not discovered that... I 'd say it is very unusual for a Toys.
    4. clonemanager
      Very curious on how many "[re]load hit HTS 's website has had over these few days"
      Transformers at | TRANSFORMERS DELUXE BRUTICUS COMBINER Item Details

      also.. got the very last one (ALL STARS OP (mv3 deluxe) w/ trailer) I was able to find at North SJ (N 1st) Target $14.98 b4tax.
    5. nelodiavolo
      The box is huge and has nice artwork. I have not taken it out of the plastic yet but I plan to this week. I know how it goes though. I paid big dollars to buy Botcon figs from other users the last few years. From my personal experience from the con recently, I totally understand the markup on these.
    6. nelodiavolo
      Here is what I said in another thread...Shoot man it took me three days of trying! Hasbro's ticket system failed me Thursday, finally got tickets Friday, then they sold out of Bruticus before I could even use my tickets, and finally I was able to get Bruticus Saturday due to a rain check for Friday ticket holders.

      All in all a exhausting but at the same time exciting. Hours of standing in line, just anticipating if we would get tickets before they ran out...It paid off in the end though.
    7. MasterxBlaster
    8. MasterxBlaster
      Oh i see! Yeah can you pm me it? because the target mobile site is showing them available???

      Yeah I have am-12 in my POL just waiting for GREEN GIANT to drop so I can hit ship! I may actually ship before hand, if Will's singapore connect has it for cheaper
    9. MasterxBlaster
      Also I stopped by Target with this DPCI: 087-06-1890 looking for FOC GENERATIONS and the workers scanner showed zero at tanforan and the 3 surrounding stores...

      Is this the correct dpci bro?
    10. MasterxBlaster
      Naw bro, I have xbox360.

      I know man! A lot to look forward, extremely pleased with FOC VOYAGER GRIMLOCK wo0t!!!!!! He will be my classics stand in!! And yeah looks as if it was truely a asia exclusive.
    11. clonemanager
      Botshot and Kre-O are what I thought waste of resource unless Hasbro is just telling me their most talented people can only squeeze these kind of products while letting the Japanese team "shines" on the MasterPiece, and the Arm Microns for TF Prime AM-xx lineup...
      The Fall Of Cyberton lineup are ok but not aggressive enough... I 'd have expected to see FoC Starscream to be released in 2012 already... but now it is left to 2013... then what about the other seekers???

      On the other hands... the Bruticus members all got another repaints/retool with new heads but so what ??

      The Dark Energon series are abit surprise but then they aren't really the most desirable things in my book.
    12. clonemanager
    13. clonemanager

      MechTech weapons RE-BORN (re-used) :LOL... and damn I like that ...
    14. MasterxBlaster
      Bro I actually LOVE the fact they gave him the old school packaging!! That is aweeeesome!!
    15. clonemanager
      OMGoodness !!!! BB never Dies!!
    16. MasterxBlaster
      Yeah, I actually like all the crazy colors G2 came out with, even though I don't remember having any as a kid.

      Really? shoot I want to pick up both sdcc exclusives, Im a sucker for exclusives and there fancy packaging lol!!
    17. clonemanager
      End of June passed and its July and I am glad a buddy of mine still able to find wave 4 RiD during weekend at Toysrus.... even I have had alot less luck like his.
    18. clonemanager
      Local toys scalpers also hunted down our gems... I never had this hard experience of hunting a particular figure available at retail. For almost a month already... I have NEVER spotted a RiD deluxe Vehicon on any pegs at any store in my area... despite such item has bumped up over $15 + tax. Now the next wave should come soon... May 28/29 was the day Airachnid RiD showed up oversea...
    19. clonemanager
      Took a week of effort... finally hit my first vehicon at a scalper shop. Hasbro has really fooled us around like some idiots... 1 vehicon per case has contributed this madness... and every store TF pegs became a giant beehive as well..
    20. clonemanager
      Apr 22/23 , W3 RiD revealer class hunting official started... first from Texas, then Stockston California, well...
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