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    1. MTME
      I understand as my son is autistic and as I said I am a high school teacher so I've had a lot of students with learning disabilities.
    2. MTME
      ok I always ask before I criticize and I'm going to apologize now for criticizing your post:
      "Maybe Ive been living under a roch but is it true that the Three Wannabe Batmen at the beginning of DK are Cloony, Keaton and Kilmner. Val being the tubby one lol. Is there truth to this? Going by Nolan's mind that may be possible."
      I had to read that about 5 times so I could understand what you're saying. I hope that isn't the norm for you. That's why I asked if you were from another country, that English might be your second language.
      Forgive me I'm a high school teacher, my grammar isn't even the greatest, my spelling is a lot better than my grammar though.
      So is this the norm for you? I realize this isn't a homework assignment or you filling out some sort of formal paperwork but on the boards you want your voice to be heard, but if that voice can't be understood no one is going to listen to it. See what I'm saying? I'm not trying to be mean, I'm actually trying to help you.
    3. MTME
      and welcome to the boards!!!!!!!!!!
    4. MTME
      Hi I was just wondering if you are from the US or a different country?
    5. CJS
      LOL thats the best random PM I have ever gotten lol.
    6. GFH
      Welcome to the boards fellow three letter acronym
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