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    1. Saberfrost01
      errm... I do? and it's been my downfall manytimes.
    2. Saberfrost01
      you are aware LegoTFguy was joking, right?.
    3. Overlord Balder
    4. Sharktibolt
      Nope, not yet. I did bring in the Readers who told me they wanted to be in the comic over a year or two ago, but for anyone else, like in your case, you have to wait for the next opportunity, which I'll tell you now won't be until the Rahsk Battles are over.
    5. Sharktibolt
      Orange Fanta tastes like carbonated orange juice, and I don't like orange juice.

      And the evil Prime probably killed him at some point. At the very least the entire dimension is now in darkness, so anyone who was left in that universe is now dead.
    6. Sharktibolt
      On page 692? Everything works for me on my end. :sly2: Weird.
    7. Sharktibolt
      Well there's Power Up VT6 and Hacker X-3, both are from the first movie toyline.
    8. Sharktibolt
      OH okay, I was confused. :lol The panels have been fixed, let me know if you find anymore. :)
    9. Sharktibolt
      I don't know what one you're talking about, I haven't done 620 updates for any comic.
    10. Sharktibolt
      Sure, I can do that. But just so you know, it's going to be a LONG time before I can bring new Readers into the comic.
    11. Sharktibolt
      Well here's the Resources page for the Fireburst Optimus, and here's the one for the deluxe Optimus. The deluxe comes with the same weapon as DOTM Mudflap, and the voyager comes with a fire ax gun.
    12. Sharktibolt
      It's a matter of opinion, honestly. The only ones I've really played with were the DOTM deluxe and Fireburst voyager ones, as they were fun toys that didn't have a complicated transformations in my opinion. I've never even transformed, or really touched more than a couple of times, the ROTF leader one, despite the good things people have said about it.
    13. Sharktibolt
      The only red suit Spider-Man figure I have is the helicopter one that came in the 2-pack with Iron Man. And the movieverse Optimus figures that I have are TFTM deluxe Protoform Optimus, TFTM voyager Optimus Prime, ROTF leader Optimus Prime, ROTF voyager Defender Optimus Prime, DOTM deluxe Optimus Prime, DOTM voyager Fireburst Optimus Prime, DOTM voyager Wal-Mart exclusive Optimus Prime.

      The Divebomb figure is unavailable, sorry.
    14. Sharktibolt
      Oh, I think I know what you're talking about. You mean the cat from the Botcon Special updates? The cat in them isn't mine, he belongs to my aunt and uncle who we were staying with while in Florida. :)

      And I just looked at the comic, poor Shockwave. :lol I envy you that you have at least one of the Burger King DOTM toys. They look awesome.
    15. Sharktibolt
      I would buy 10 Movieverse Sharkticons. :lol

      And I don't have a black cat, what made you think I did?
    16. Sharktibolt
      As of today, I have 10 Energon Sharkticons, 3 Botcon Sharkticons, and 1 Botcon Sky-Byte. :D

      If I could find more Energon ones at Family Dollars or Big Lots, I'd buy those too. :lol
    17. Sharktibolt
      It seems the site has shut off the tags because of Comic Con, but basically you can tag threads with words or phrases so it's easier to search for them with the site's search feature, which is off at the moment.

      Honestly I don't think anyone ever really uses it, and the only ones I ever added were the names of my comics and 'Sharkticlones'. Various other people added things like 'hakuna matata' and 'nonexistent spleen', and I was always curious as to who added them since people who are just starting the comic might look at them and go 'WHAT IS THIS COMIC?!'. :lol
    18. Sharktibolt
      Are you talking about random panels being broken images? Sorry, Imageshack likes to do that. But it beats Photobucket's bandwidth thing where if it goes over the maximum allowed ALL your images are gone until it's reset.

      If it helps, as I was going through the updates I reuploaded broken panels.
    19. Sharktibolt
      Well with the Sharkticon hating Shinkis thing, it didn't really end with the Mini Chaos Virus removal, and even at the point the comic's at now he still doesn't really care much for them.

      And it's funny, I was just reading some of the old comics around page 300 (mostly the ones before it). I don't know or can't remember if it was me or the camera, but a lot of the pictures just came out AWFUL. Like now I would have never allowed myself to have posted those updates with the pictures looking like they did.
    20. Sharktibolt
      Well.........I don't want to spoil anything, but at the moment it's a little late to do anything with Divebomb/Thunderbomb. ^^;

      But it's not a bad idea. The reason for him being named Divebomb was because they would take Thundercracker's body, and Divebomb still wanted a part of him to be remembered, so they both agreed their fused person would be Divebomb.
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