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Dec 1, 2021
Mar 21, 2004
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Christian Prime

SF Ibuki & Makoto Fanboy!, Male

Working on Korra cosplay Dec 26, 2016

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Dec 1, 2021
    1. Christian Prime
      Christian Prime
      Working on Korra cosplay
    2. iDarkDesign
      Hey man, any dealer is a dealer these days so email Farzad at [email protected] and he will hook you up with tables and prices and such. Cool to have you there!

    3. Kuma Style
      Kuma Style
      Hey, thanks for the friend request boss.
    4. Takara_destron
      Nice pic! Will definitely have to track down the parts and Great Mazinger at some point. As for the Shinkenger figures, I looked into them but I figured it'd be easier/more cost effective to just buy some Power Rangers Samurai figures once they hit retail here. I hope they do well though, so that we can perhaps get some Gokaiger ones :D

      Ended up watching the first episode of Kamen Rider Decade at a special screening with my local anime society tonight. Was amazing, will definitely check it out properly when I get the chance.
    5. Takara_destron
      Thanks for looking! Means a lot to me :)

      Yeah I've been thinking about getting the Scrander/Effect Parts for a while now, would you say their worth it?

      I've been loving Super Sentai at the moment (watching both Gokaiger and Shinkenger at the moment), been looking to get into Kamen Rider for a while now but with so much Sentai to catch up on it has to take a back seat for a while :(
    6. Blasterpwns
      Saw your message in the Rider Appreciation thread asking about your Fang Joker's joints. I recall from earlier in the thread CoolSux posted a tutorial on how to fix tight joints. I believe it's part of his blog, but I'm not sure. Shouldn't be too hard to find if you use the search engine.

      Hope I could help.
    7. Takara_destron
      Hey, thanks a lot :D you too.
    8. Counterpunch?
      Some guy had his art posted on Kotaku. If you do a google search for "No Love for Street Fighters" his website should come around. I think these pics were posted in sometime between August and September.

      For some reason, Makoto's look in the pic I use is so real I swear I've seen it in person sometime.
    9. Takara_destron
      Yeah that's cool, I went to see it on Thursday so I'm not bothered about reading spoilers anymore ;). Loved ever second of it, the weeping angels were done brilliantly!
    10. Takara_destron
      Hey dude, enjoy Doctor Who Live?
    11. Ratchet2007
      Well I'll be sure to take a look into them if I ever fancy watching some Old Who again.
    12. Ratchet2007
      I've only watched 2 Classic episodes. The Five Doctors and Genesis Of The Daleks. They're quite good.
    13. Ratchet2007
      Haha thanks :P

      Only been watching Who since Series 1 (2005). I stumbled across Bad Wolf on BBC1 one night and got hooked :lol
    14. Ratchet2007
    15. Takara_destron
      New Doctor Who was fantastic :D I love Matt Smith already.
    16. Takara_destron
      Yeah, sucks as I really wanted Bludgeon and Mindwipe :( Ahwell, I suppose I can always import!

      Hows things?
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