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    1. tatsufailslife
      made an account here just to say thanks for working hard to get the fh stalker situation handled, some ppl in the forums being real assholes about it
    2. eMouse
      Wanted to give you a heads up that I tried to place an order on your site this morning, but was prevented from doing so because your cart system was requiring a coupon code to be able to check out! I don't know if that's a bug or just an odd way of temporarily closing the store to orders.
    3. Freakencreeper1
      Are you wanting to sell your planet x pluto?
      1. Freakencreeper1
        If you do i would be interested, but do let me know if you arnt please
        Apr 17, 2019
    4. Lbsammills51
      Hello again! Any idea on when SHF Master Roshi will come in? It seems other retailers are getting it in, so just curious.
    5. Lbsammills51
      Hello! Any update on when SHF Majin Vegeta will come in stock? I don't see it listed on the site anymore either, but it still shows up on my preorders.
    6. Temp1
      Hi just wondering if you know when you'll be getting Infinite Transformation IT-01 Mightron?
    7. Lbsammills51
      Hello! Just checking in on when you might expect a few items in:
      - Diaclone DA-04-2 Dianauts
      - Diaclone DA-10 Powered Suit C&D Cosmo Marines
      - SHF Star Lord w/Explosion Effects
      - Mech Planet THS-03T Soundtrack Toy Colors
      - Shadow Fisher SFM-03 & SFM-04 Upgrades
      If any of those are expected soon, I'll wait before shipping out my stash with Fans Toys Terminus.
      1. Lbsammills51
        Hello, just checking in again regarding the DA-04-2 Dianauts, SHF Star Lord, and THS-03T Soundtrack and their status?
        Nov 27, 2017
    8. soundwave144
      Hey Orson! How goes it? I hooked up with u at the last botcon to buy some figures that we had discussed before the event; and im the guy who is a friend of blaster master that lives in the same area as he...anyhoo... I was wondering if u could pm me (cuz im tech stoopid and couldnt figure how to do pm you.) and then i could give u my email to get in contact with each other again about tf con 2018. Thank you so much!
    9. Lbsammills51
      Out of curiosity, any word on when the PC-15 Perfect Effect Ginrai kit will show up?
    10. Ryanme1973
      Wish you guys would update your event calender.
    11. Razerwire
      Hi Brandon,

      I've been trying to get a hold of customer service via email, phone, and PM here about my TFC Minos that came with two right sided forearm covers. I spoke to Kimberle about two weeks ago and haven't heard anything since in regards to acquiring a left sided forearm cover.

      Any updates would be much appreciated.

    12. Chosen Prime
      Chosen Prime
      Hi, That version is not available yet, it is still on Pre-Order. As soon as it arrives in stock we will ship it out to you. :)
    13. Fleebnork
      Hi, I ordered the MM Ocular Max PS-01 SPHINX ALTERNATIVE through your website on December 22nd and have not received any shipment information. I understand we had the holidays, but it's now the second week of January. I sent you an email on Friday and received no response.
    14. Lbsammills51
      Hello. Just checking, the Microblaze Onslaught preorders still at the early bird price will all include the SDCC/Platinum Edition parts for sure, correct? - EDIT - Nevermind, you confirmed for me on Facebook so I'm good. Orders submitted!
    15. Mattw38
      thanks for the great figures, Brandon. They look awesome.
    16. Chosen Prime
      Chosen Prime
      Soon, we should have it late this week or early next. Sorry it has taken so long, it is beyond our control unfortunately.
    17. dwong1207
      Hey quantron expected soon?
    18. Chosen Prime
      Chosen Prime
      I think its at the marketplace this Sunday
    19. Mattw38
      When/where is the next group meetup?
    20. Chosen Prime
      Chosen Prime
      I got your order as well, so once the information is all sorted out I will email you!
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