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Jun 25, 2011
May 23, 2010
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Jun 25, 2011
    1. rizuan76
      Hmm..I seem to noticed that you only like talk (or condemn) the TF movie stuffs. I'm fine with that, nothing wrong with voicing one's own opinion.

      But I'm just curious do you still buy any of the toys at all? Like the Classics line (& all it's related line i.e Universe, Henkei, Generations, United & RTS), stuf like TFA, Takaratomy items i.e. MPs, Alternity & last but not least the movie line of toys.

      Have you bought any of the above?
    2. chojin998
      Yep. Indeed. The Dark Knight is way worse than Batman Begins. If it wasn't for the dead actor it would have bombed at boxoffice. Unfortunately Avatar proved that marketing can brainwash tons of people like they were on drugs they will spend on garbage and praise garbage sold to them. Many way better movies people don't watch for the same reason when competitors pay to demolish a movie by having negative reviews published everywhere and people follow like sheeps almost always.
    3. red4
      Not to mention Dark Knight is full of gaping plot holes like swiss cheese plunged in sulphuric acid.
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