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Jan 8, 2004
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Apr 24, 2024 at 12:00 AM
    1. anonymous12
      It silly to think that if someone doesn’t look like a girl then they are a boy. Most male transformers in most continuities look genderless. So males can look sexless and still be seen as males, but girls can’t? That sounds sexist.
      1. Cheebs
        Sorry, could you please let me know where I said that? I post a lot on this board and I don't remember what thread that was in. I can't argue with your comment above. You're right.
        Apr 3, 2020
    2. Maximus Danz
      Maximus Danz
      Your bashes are great! The amount of Action master Thundercrackers shoot right too my heart!
      1. Cheebs
        Thank you very much.
        Mar 17, 2020
    3. toyworldstore
      Hi,You're great. Can you PS a back?
      1. Cheebs
        Thanks! What do you need done in PS?
        May 18, 2019
      2. Cheebs
        Do you mean the back of freedom leader? I'll give it an attempt.
        May 18, 2019
      3. Cheebs
        I'll be at my computer late tomorrow. I'll try then.
        May 18, 2019
    4. Mykltron
      Here you go:
      MYKLmecha - Tutorial: How To Fix X-Transbots Andras's (MP Scrouge) Ankles
    5. Cheebs
      Nope. I colored the pic, but somebody else took the original grey pic. I do color lots of them...
    6. KA
      my bad. i think i saw online a pic of a 3p toy that you colored in - the orig. pic is b&w (it was one of the devastator 3p toy) and it was signed 'cheebs'. so i thought u took the pic or summat, hah!
    7. KA
      hey, are you doing photos of 3P stuff these days?
    8. Cheebs
      Oooohhhh... I gotta' go Data more, just because I'm a TNG guy. By the slightest of margins.
    9. pokemonsdoom
      ahh so do you like Spock or Data more?
    10. pokemonsdoom
      I find that response...Logical.
    11. pokemonsdoom
      you like star trek?
    12. pokemonsdoom
      I saw your pictures in the blackjack thread, you have a beautiful cat
    13. KA
      oh wow, i just noticed that you replied to this. haha.

      you still keep a blog or something? like fluffy potato or whatever it was called?
    14. TJapes
      Thanks for the Photoshop tips post (from way back in 2008). Your info has been incredibly useful to me today, and improved my picture skills tenfold.


    15. Snake_eyes1975
      I just had to say...that was the most epic fucking post EVA! Don't hold back bro...that was full of win..and it was SO full of win..noone even said ANYTHING after it...that's how damn good it was.

      You won the internet.

    16. Snake_eyes1975
      You said.
      If you have the personal opinion that anything is better than either of the FE voyagers...

      ...then you're wrong.

      I mean, yeah. Opinions are like this ulitmate say some stupid shit card. I get it. "Can't be wrong" by definition and whatever. Steak is foul tasting sludge compared to warm mayonaise. Yum yum, gimmie some warm mayonaise. Blue is repulsive in any hue. Tiddlywinks is fucking gripping hardcore entertainment.

      There. I just said some stupid shit. But wait: Opinion card! I'm not wrong!

      But when God himself comes down from the heavens and personally builds two voyager class Transformer toys... Well... Any view towards said toys other than "It is a shame they don't have little plastic wangs that I can blow in appreciation of thier overpowering majesty" is wrong. Even the opinion card won't work.
    17. Fallout

      but yeah, robot mode 'scale' is really quite a stupid thing to go on unless it's a character that really can't be huge. take starscream for example, it's pretty infeasible for him to be twice the size of megatron and still be a sniffling, power hungry backstabber. if he was that big, he would've killed megatron already and gotten it over with. but pretty much every other character i go for the toy closest to scale with the rest. it's too bad sentinel isn't a little bigger and ratchet, crankcase and ironhide scout class. then my collection would work out great.
    18. Fallout
    19. Superquad7
      That sounds cool! I hope work chills out a little for ya :)
    20. Superquad7
      Are you working on any customs projects as of late?
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