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Nov 29, 2010
May 17, 2009
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The Queen, 38

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Nov 29, 2010
    1. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Completely forgot you were on here too!
    2. rodster6
      Hiya, we spoke on Hisstank once, didnt realise you collected Transformers too.
    3. LordOptimus
      Hello, nice avatar.
    4. Runamuck
      What is up, Chica? Haven't seen you online in awhile. Hope you're doing good. Hit me up sometime online. :)
    5. vadersquest
      Looks like I need to check the site more often......I had no idea you sent me a request! and I forgot to log off!
    6. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      LoL, well I'm a man, so it doesn't matter. You on the otherhand...

      LOL at least I can say I wasn't being rude because I wasn't asking a woman her age, she came right up and told me! Haha. I win. OH, and guess what? I look nothing like my avatar!

      RATCHET FTW! Too bad he isn't in the next movie as much.
    7. bradforj
      You're very welcome :)
    8. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      LOL. Forgot my Yahoo messenger details. Beast Wars is cool, a ton of people love it. I like it, haven't caught up with all of it yet. Toys ruled, should have bought more when I was in middle school.
    9. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      A while back(not sure if they still do), BBTS had a Star Convoy reissue for less than $50.
    10. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Classics Jetfire RULES! So many homages not only to Macross but other related non-TF series that Takara made in

      What's up, which TF series do you collect? I actually like Classics, Movie, and Animated.
    11. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Wait did you pull a
      "Not yet a girl, not yet a woman" on me?


      I had no idea you were into Transformers. Please tell me you're a Jetfire fan.
    12. Optimus Scourge
      Optimus Scourge
      I went back in time with my DeLorean to the second and wished you happy birthday on the 2nd, you don't remember because it was in an alternate reality. But it happened. For Cereal!

      :bday :bay
    13. Optimus Scourge
      Optimus Scourge
      HEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEEYYYYYYYYYYYYYY!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! - Welcome, nice to see you here!
    14. TTT
      LLLLLLIIIIITTTLE ???????!!!!! ...I'm HUUUUUGE !!! :bay
      And I'm not evil...just ethically challenged :ev::ev::ev:

      Good to see you here kiddo (:bowdown: to the Queen).
      Watch out though they have 4X the amount of crazy people here than @ HISS Tank :drunk :crazy:

    15. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Hah, yeaz I have that effect on women
    16. Shin Densetsu
      Shin Densetsu
      Hey chick, great to see more familiar faces around here. I didn't know you were a TF fan!
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