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    1. Nachtsider
      Unicorn is amazing. I've never seen so much promise in a Gundam series since 08th MS Team. Although I still can't fathom what this new Char might be doing with a bunch of Zabi loyalists - hopefully an agenda of his own will be revealed in future episodes.

      The Kshatriya's looks never appealed to me, but I must say the HGUC is a good call - it's very imposing for its size. You must show me that papercraft one day; this field has always fascinated me.

      I'm tempted to buy the HGUC Unicorn Mode RX-0 and paint it in rainbow colors. Always, I wanna be with you and make believe with you... :lol
    2. Nachtsider
      Sterling advice, buddy - thanks for all your help. The sanding trick you mentioned in your later message seems like what I'll go for at this point; hopefully I'll be able to progress to something more professional with time and practice.

      Which sort of Gundams do you fancy, by the way, and are you a fan of any particular continuity/series? I'm a Universal Century guy, and my favorite series are 08th MS Team and War in the Pocket. Favorite suits include the Kampfer, Sazabi and Gouf Custom. Sieg Zeon! :rock
    3. Nachtsider
      Hey Chapsy, how are things? I hope all's well and good where you're concerned.

      Saw you posting in the Gundam thread, and figured you'd be a good person to approach regarding a Gunpla issue. I've been an on-off Gunpla modeller, owning a handful of kits (all High Grade). Every build is a labor of love, and I'm invariably proud of what I accomplish. However, how do you avoid leaving those damn white scars on the parts after you've cut them off the sprues? They're an absolute plague; I always have to touch things up with paint afterwards, and am quite fedup of doing that (never been the best of painters). Hope you can help!
    4. SPLIT LIP
      It's cool. Thanks for looking.
    5. SPLIT LIP
      Thanks again for looking at my thread, sorry I didn't notice until today. Any luck finding Choryujin?
    6. Counterpunch?
      Hi, I see you're in Dover DE. There's a good number of local TF collectors in your (our) area. When you get the chance you should meet up with us. It's always good to meet fellow TF fans in the area.

      -counterpunch (Mike)
    7. Inikalord
      Nice Avatar of Kagami
    8. Human Beastbox
      Human Beastbox
      I befriend such a marketing genius.
    9. peaugh jr2
      peaugh jr2
    10. Surudio
      you watch lucky star
    11. Brawlastator
      Oh chapsy-kun, so tsundere~
    12. CreepySariFan
      Sari Addiction Club - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
    13. cowclone
    14. Transformer_DC
    15. cowclone
      hay just sore the new transformers movie have you?
    16. cowclone
      well I'm stuck Don't know what to say now...
    17. cowclone
    18. CreepySariFan
      Sent ya a PM with my contact info.
    19. CreepySariFan
      How about I PM you? Or better yet, are you on any kinda chat program? I've got everything from Skype to Yahoo to ICQ.

      If not, I'll just send ya links to the art I've paid for.

      Also, nice work on your DA page! You're very talented!
    20. CreepySariFan
      That's why I'm going to comission some crossover art with Sari and Lark from MindsEdge (aka, E!).

      Maybe Sari wants to be a topless too. ;)

      Yeah, I'm talking about porn...
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