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Aug 11, 2018
    1. slax000
      hello? Survey wants transformers papercraft or change you, I have many models G1! that transform, Greetings
    2. Tanmoy Sarkar
      Tanmoy Sarkar
      Hey chapsy
      i have gundam papercraft arios do u want it
    3. rewindprime
    4. Tanmoy Sarkar
      Tanmoy Sarkar
      post some new gundam papercrafts.....
    5. Tanmoy Sarkar
      Tanmoy Sarkar
    6. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Awesome, you too :thumb
    7. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Hey, my pleasure :thumb I would have bought some more recently, but I found you'd sold everything:lol Let me know when you have more stuff to sell, I'd love to do business with you again.
    8. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Checked my feedback thread, can't find a post by you. It's alright, though, it's just a minor thing :D

      I was the one who bought your Alt. Mirage. Still happy you gave me a great price on him, too, as he's truly one bad ass toy.
    9. Autobot Burnout
      Autobot Burnout
      Hi, it's me. Just wondering, but did you ever leave feedback for me?
    10. eagc7
      me watching dotm reviews, spider-man and comic books ducomentarys
    11. eagc7
      watching videos on youtube and transforming Hunt for the decepticons leader optimus prime
    12. eagc7
      hey whatsup?
    13. eagc7
    14. MROptimusPrime
      If you don't sweat, cry, and bleed to make the world a better place, you're not doing enough. Our children need heroes, now more than ever.
    15. Counterpunch?
      The north Dover Wal Mart has Sentinel Prime in stock, 2 on the shelf, if you care to go grab one.
    16. Nachtsider
      Char killing Daguza with the Sinanju's beam tomahawk was sheer overkill. Can't think of a more manly way to go out, however. Few can boast as much. :bay

      Oh shit, I recall now that the Kshatriya's your wife's favorite Neo-Zeon suit. D: I feel her pain; I, too, can get pretty cheesed off whenever my favorite characters/hardware kick the bucket on-screen (take the Kampfer, for instance - for all intents and purposes, Misha should've totally destroyed Christina in that anti-climactic fight with the Alex, but nooooo). Still, that baby went down fighting hard; I think Marida and the Kshatriya did very well in all their battles with the Unicorn, considering the monstrous power they were up against. I'm sure the missus can use her HGUC Kshatriya and any corresponding Unicorn model to perform a re-enactment in which the latter comes up second best. :D

      You can't help but feel for Marida. Poor girl's had an awful life. Don't think she'd want my pity, though, or anyone else's for that matter. I laud her as the best female character we've had in a long while.

      Agreed on the Dom Tropen - the desert colors version, at least, as it came with an arsenal of nifty weapons. The sparsely-equipped regular colors version left a lot of people feeling cheated. :lol
    17. Nachtsider
      The battle left me in awe, too. mfw the part where Gilboa takes the shot that would've killed Char:


      Hella cold for Char to use Marida as little more than a human catalyst to unleash the Unicorn's power. I wonder if this attitude of his might prompt Zinnerman to rebel in future.

      The Delta Plus -That suit's great, ennit? A more than worthy successor to the old Re-Gz. I'd buy it, but just like I do with TFs, I only collect bad guy mobile suits. :lol

      Also, I've finally found out what that new Dom variant's called:

      AMX-009 Dreissen - Gundam Wiki

      There's a HGUC kit up for pre-order already. :D
    18. Nachtsider
      That's alright, man. Whatever it's called, you can bet all the money in the world I'll be picking up a model kit of it as soon as one's available!
    19. Nachtsider
    20. Nachtsider
      Dude, I just watched Episode Three of Unicorn. Was that a new-model Dom I saw? That thing was amazing; loved its wrist guns and deployable buzzsaws. Do you know what the suit's called, and if any kits of it are in the works?
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