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Nov 23, 2022
Aug 4, 2012
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Nov 23, 2022
    1. No Pineapple Salad
      No Pineapple Salad
      Hello Mr Yeti,

      I just found out about your yeti stands. I see you have a site but it’s down and haven’t been able to see anything current about them anywhere else. Do you still make them? If so, where could I grab one? I have a few Valkyries that don’t care for big honking black plastic Bandai stands.

    2. superdaddyco
      Hi Yeti. I can take pictures, but I'm guessing the best way would be for someone close to you to lend you a seeker.

      Any way you could put up the request? Once you have an adapter printed out, I'll order 5 adapters with the stand for sure.
    3. Chaotic Yeti
      Chaotic Yeti
      I currently do not have an adapter for that. I also do not have any g1 seekers. Do you have the capability to take accurate measurements and clear pictures?
    4. superdaddyco
      Hello, by any chance do you have an adapter that can enable 5 g1 seekers to share 1 stand in a multi-layer flight pose?

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    YetiStand webstore is live. Take a look at what we have to offer for your display stand needs. Transformers adapters here. Ikea Detolf mount now available.