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    1. kingjakethe11th
    2. Autovolt 127
      Autovolt 127
      eyyyy Flip Flappers.

      love that show.
      1. Chainlink
        It is pretty great, isn't it.
        Probably Anime of the Season for me.
        Oct 31, 2016
      2. Autovolt 127
        Autovolt 127
        Oct 31, 2016
    3. HereticalHeresy
    4. Decepticron
      The first quote was something about " I once entered a race for a years supply of oil and gasoline."

      Next one was something like " If I only had a shiny suit, Oh, wait I do!"

      Then something that I can't remember, but it ended with "It talked to me."

      Everything else I've written down.

      1.)KSI improving the world one life at a time.

      2.)It has the ability to make copies of things?
      No, it's a metal stone that makes copies of those things.
      Kind of like a chimera, wouldn't you say?

      3.)Did you really think you could run forever? The rest thought that too.

      4.)IS there any living creature you respect more than any other on this ball of rock & water? Mine has to be the jellyfish.

      5.)I don't understand, why do you have all these jellyfish?

      6.)Have you tried to put one together without an instruction booklet?
      My perception on the matter is all but an optical illusion. Or at least that's the way they make it look.
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