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Jul 17, 2013
    1. Red Goblin
      Red Goblin
      You have the coolest job...
    2. Moy
      Thanks so much ! I'm sure scale has been something that isn't consistent at times, I'm sure. I've tried to follow the movie, in terms of scope or proportion, but In the end it's probably how the shot is going to look like, or maybe what characters are more important in the story.

      For instance, Scrapper..oh man. If only we'd get to see an real model off this guy. In ROTF, he was quite to scale, but than next to Optimus in DOTM...what happen?

      My theory is that Optimus in DOTM was the star, so Scrapper couldn't have been shown superior in size to him.

      It's an honor to exchange some words with you, and I'm still working on a more accurate scale, I'm finished with Driller/Dweller, from a screen cap, and Sentinel Prime, i've got a new pose for him.
    3. -=|cerebros|=-
      yeah. Nice scale chart but there are some differences in the real scale vs the way we had to stick them in the shots...
    4. Moy
      you work for ILM?
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