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Aug 16, 2012
Nov 1, 2009
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Aug 16, 2012
    1. jadyn
      I got it. Cool
    2. mykticon
    3. jgoss
      happy new year!!
    4. ceconvoy90
    5. jgoss
      merry christmas dude! is that a updated pic on the right?
    6. Prime 61
      Prime 61
      Thanks a bunch buddy can't wait
    7. ceconvoy90
      Yes.Sir. I got it yesterday. I already have it packed.And ready to go out tomorrow!I'll send tracking number.Thanks again.I also have the Walmart exclussive Skywarp! Hey. looking for something elase...Let me know! Thanks.
    8. Prime 61
      Prime 61
      Just checkin in bud anything ?
    9. Prime 61
      Prime 61
      Hey bud did u receive the payment yet ?
    10. ceconvoy90
      Well Ihave not counted.I have well over 500.If you just count TFROF,UNIVERSE,ANIMATED,TF 2007 MOVIE wHATS THE COUNT? I have atleast two of all Gen.I perfer the Japanese TF due to the look and are better than the junk Hasbro gives us.Wll I do not now how to uploa new pictures.Can you tell me how I can.I'm still tring to learn this.
    11. jgoss
      how are you doing? i'll agree with sanchomaul your collection is incredible even when you sold them. what is your count do you know?
    12. ceconvoy90
      College!!!!!Go for it..It takes dedication,and lots of stress!! 1st comes God,Then my Kids Them my Transformers! I'am still trying to figure out how my collection got this big! You thing what you seen it Huge,Wait to the updated pictures comeing soon.You still have not seen the TF 2007,TF ROF,ANIMATED,UNIVERSE,MASTER PEICE,G1 &ECT!!!
    13. 46+2
      I'm mclovin your collection! It has motivated me to finish college! so I can make money to have a collection that good! I'm goin back for TFs!

      "ceconvoy collection..changin lives"
    14. lieutenantjazz
    15. jgoss
      like i said yesterday your collection is awesome and it's so cool that you got to meet optimus prime(peter cullen) the interviews i seen him in he seems like a nice guy. also he said if it wasn't for the fans he wouldn't have done the first live action movie. that's a bummer that you had to sell your collection,but you have so many know. if i had the money i would have many tf's also,but money is really tight because my place of employment is closing and i just don't have the money which stinks. i do however have all the g1 comics and even some from dw. did you pick up rotf yet? i went over a friends house last week and watched it awesome!! you mentioned you wrote stories? if you still do there is a section on here called fanfiction.if you have one you should post it.
    16. jgoss
      just checked out your collection awesome!! also it's great that you been a fan since the beginning. me too
    17. jgoss
      welcome to tfw how long have you been a fan?
    18. jgoss
      welcome to the boards how long have you been a tf fan?
    19. b.winn1
      same here it all started for me in 84/85 then i stopped around 89 and just started again wish i keeped my old stuff lol and i just had a son 9months ago so its gonna be cool to teach him the ropes. im gonna try to get to botcon 2010 and meet peter. anyway great story and i look forward to see more of your collection
    20. b.winn1
      great collection and the pic with peter cullen is awsome
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