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Sep 4, 2021
Feb 27, 2012
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Mechanical Princess, Female, 40

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Sep 4, 2021
    1. alphatron10
      your welcome
    2. alphatron10
      its fine how are you cecilia ;)
    3. alphatron10
      hey cecilia
    4. alphatron10
      obviously i am too lol twinsies
    5. alphatron10
    6. alphatron10
    7. Russian fan
      Russian fan
      Very cute art on Ladies Art Gallery! I liked it!
    8. LamboTwinLove
      Thank you so much! She is gorgeous and I love her!!
    9. DBarricade
      I thought you said you'd be more lively after Saturday... You make Sparky a sad puppy...;)
    10. DBarricade
      Could use a reply from Starlight, if you're not too busy.:)
    11. DBarricade
      Rough days? That doesn't sound fun...
    12. DBarricade
      Were you still interested in having Starlight and Sparkplug explore the city over on the 'Realm? I don't mean to seem pushy or anything, just curious.:)
    13. adambman
      Haha, you're right about Warbot Defender; those heels! Still, he's mostly in robot mode like everything else on my classics shelves. It's been too long since I transformed that one, I'll have to dig out the instructions to be sure the arm yoga is done properly. ;)
    14. HeroicC300
      Okay. I'm still working on all the Autobots aboard the ship (named Endurance of Spirit because by the end everyone's ability to endure things will be tested) since it's meant to cap out at 62.

      But yeah, Having them wind up by the Citadel, near the flotilla (which the autobots try to avoid at ALL costs), and generally where they don't want to be could be funny.
    15. HeroicC300
      Well, the 'verse involves Mass Effect, so maybe I can throw in curveballs since you canonically can't always go from Point A to Point B. Plus, I think it'd be downright funny if they wound up in the same area as the Citadel and had to explain why.
    16. HeroicC300
      Bit stuck in blocking out a Transformers fanfic. It's meant to last fifteen chapters for the first arc, and then shift to being mini-arcs split across many characters to form a full arc twice as long as the first, but I think I've written myself into a corner already.

      Since it starts out based on MTMTE, should I have a malfunction that takes them places they don't want to go?
    17. GFH
      Thanks Cecilia. :lol that's great.
    18. JazzHunter83
      No celebrity - all me :) Good for you standing up for yourself, often that's enough to have the bullies leave you alone. I am glad that most people accept it now, that has to help a lot. How far along are you in your 'transition'? I know it's a long process, right?
    19. JazzHunter83
      Oh wow. Sounds like you had a tough time for a while growing up. It's awful that people would get so offended at you just trying to live your life, it's not like you are hurting them in any way. They need to get over it and move on.
      I was lucky to have had an easy childhood, relatively. Well-off parents, lived in a good area and fit into those pardigms that society has set for being 'normal'. I was a late developer and didn't even get boobs until I was almost 16, when I literally grew from an AA to a D in about 6 months. I can still remember being confronted in the girls toilets by some horrible bullies who kept telling me I was stuffing my bra and they literally ripped my top down to try and "prove' that I was stuffing. Well, I wasn't and that really traumatized me for a long time. People can be so cruel! I am sure you have had many more worse experiences.

      Yeah, the pre-hormone pics you posted do look quite feminine so it's amazing that you hadn't had any hormones by that time! You have the perfect body for the gender transition, for sure! You look very feminine, actually...more than I expected if the truth be told. Good luck with everything!

      I agree! Copper all the way, lol.
    20. eagc7
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