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Apr 22, 2014
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Sons Of Unicron PTT

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Apr 22, 2014
    1. Jet
      have i sentu a PM
    2. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Hey dude, did you get my PM over the weekend? It doesn't appear to be in my sent box, so thought I should check.
    3. Master Blaster
      Master Blaster
      Sorry bout earlier mate, inbox filled up while I was out! Money received though if that's what you were getting in touch about :)
    4. PMGalvatron
      That is sad to hear but I am very happy you showed it off! Keep up the awesome work!! BTW how much would this cost through shapeways?
    5. PMGalvatron
      Hey there! I LOVE your Galvatron work you showed off on the boards! That was the most on-point Galvatron figure I have ever seen!! I was just curious if there were any updates or info for us Galvy fans foaming at the mouth. Once again keep up the outstanding work and thanks for showing this off!!!
    6. Primus_feather
      The moment I find ANY Wreckgars I'll let you know, so far he's the only one not showing up 'round me.
    7. Primus_feather
      Hey 'Nova love your animated Heads! Have you considered doing any RTS/Gen character heads? I now they're more detail thus harder to pull off but have you considered it? I ask 'cause I'm looking to re-character my Gen Skullgrin INTO Origins Megatron (you know slave/construction/gladiator Megatron!) The color scheme/mold/weapon just sell it, But the head doesn't. What would you charge for such a creation?
    8. rattraprules98
    9. rattraprules98
      I've got some questions about Shapeways for you! Are the Megatron sideburns for ROTF leader Megs and is that chest plate for classics Megatron.
    10. Altitron
      Oops, sorry about that! Try again. :)

      - Alty
    11. OmarJT82
      Did you recieve my latest PM about the ROTF Megatron head "crests"? :inquisiti
    12. 46+2
      Do you sell those smokestacks? Ion blaster?
    13. ACofCA
      Did you ever post a tutorial? Because I would give an arm and a leg for that figure, Perceptor was my favorite g1 toy!
    14. ACofCA
      Dude, your classics magnificus is amazing. Did you do a perceptor too, cause I can't find it anywhere?
    15. CharmedSerenity
      Just because I'm not a tall, slender woman does not give you the right to insult me like that.
    16. Bort826TFWorld
      I was just reccomending the Universe mold because it has a very Animated asthetic except for the head so I thought it a good moment of repurposing so you wouldn't have to do any repainting. Maybe a winch could made too that can replace the front bar to differentiate them a little.
    17. Bort826TFWorld
      Now I'm just throwing an idea out here, did you ever think of doing an Animated Hound head that's compatible with Universe Hound? Here's what the head looks like: Hound AllSpark Almanac by ~BillForster on deviantART
    18. Shadowbreaker
      Really? Nice!

      Also, what 3D modeling program to you use to make this stuff?
    19. Shadowbreaker
      Holy... I didn't know you put the Perceptor chest plate on the shapeways store! I wish I knew that before...

      Also, I see you have a Pyro head! Is it Voyager size?
    20. TedimusPrime
      Alright, well tell me when you know how they work. You do great stuff and I'm interested in picking one up.
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