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    1. DukeFett
      Just replying to you here b/c the Masterpiece thread can get hectic... You can't remove the missiles from the Amazon Exclusive Launchers. I was in the exact same boat as you, I got the amazon launchers, but got the Dr. Wu gatling guns b/c they looked really cool, then realized I had no place to attach them to. So I had to buy the Dr. Wu set, I got it on eBay for $11.25 w/ shipping ($1.25 auction + $10 shipping). So it's annoying but you have to have the set to use the gatling guns. Hope this helps!
    2. DeltaMagnus84
      I have to say that one of them has a broked peg, the peg that connects the two barrels when in gun mode. The item can still hold gun mode and does not prevent any other transformations or modes. If you want them and want to know which on it is, I can open the box again to see.
    3. G.I.EDDIE
      take the four screws out of NBs legs...then take halves apart...inside yo will see that blade side is held on by a screw, remove that and get rid of it...put the legs back together wih screws...the blade sides can now peg in and out of the can also attach the blade sides to the rest of the blade on top of Hercs shoulder...

      if you want to go even further with the mod, you can pull the rivets out of the blade sides so you can peg the hydraulic arms onto the treads in Herc mode while the blade sides are connected up top...
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