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Apr 11, 2013
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Apr 11, 2013
    1. CommandoNinja13
      Sorry I left, I had to go do stuff.
    2. CommandoNinja13
    3. Cyber-Scream
      Bad ass custom, dude. Nice job on the arm cannon.
    4. Cyber-Scream
      Or just from wave 1 to whenever we started which was around wave 45.

      But yeah, it sucks. lol. Honestly I've given up on that trophy. Maybe another time when we have 4 people but after all that BS trying to beat wave 50 I don't feel like doing it all again.
    5. Cyber-Scream
      btw did you get a trophy? I didn't get one.
    6. Cyber-Scream
    7. bradforj
      Nice :) I'm glad Soundwave made it to you quickly and safely!
    8. bradforj
    9. bradforj
      I have, and all figs are shipped. Sorry I failed to update you with the tracking info, but I can get it to you later today. Some people are already receiving their shipment, so it should arrive soon!
    10. Nachtsider
      Oh wow, that cannon is splendid. :rock Where does it stow when Megs is transformed?
    11. Nachtsider
      A friend of mine was at BotCon and got to handle the Hearts of Steel Shockwave. He says that it's worth every dollar you'll pay for it. I know what I'm getting next... :D
    12. Nachtsider
      You're bowing down to me for the goal I'm aiming for? Lol... I think you're much more deserving of being bowed down to. How I wish I could paint and texture like you can, man. :bowdown:

      Yeah, more FOC figures would be the bees' knees. I especially want figures of Slipstream and Shockwave.
    13. Nachtsider
      I was initially intent on getting Soundwave (like you, I do like his character on the otherwise lackluster show), but after seeing in-hand pics of him courtesy of a friend of mine... dude. He's so small and skinny. I might change my mind down the track, but he's not a high priority for me at the moment.

      What IS at the top of my shopping list? A complete G1 Overlord. That's right - I'm going to make obtaining my long sought-after grail a reality. I've saved up about five hundred dollars to date; in a month or so, I'll hit the required budget figure and turn dreams into reality. Can I do this? Yes, I can. :rock

      Photoshopped or not, the basic color scheme remains a reality. Gold and red don't quite cut it in my book. Still, I suppose you're right - the sum of the individual Combaticons might not turn out to be all THAT bad. Worst comes to worst, I'll just pick up Brawl and Swindle, whose designs I really love.
    14. Nachtsider
      Hope you get the stuff you want, man. All I'm really after is those Vehicons; I've got the FE version already thanks to a friend in Taiwan, and the RID one will be next. I'll be calling them Blackjack and Nightracer. :D

      In other news, I'm not really regretting buying my FP Bruticus after seeing the rest of the FOC Combaticons and Bruticus. Was expecting much, much better. Also, dear god... Vortex's color scheme is GHASTLY.
    15. Nemesis251
      I have replied. I won't have that info today.
    16. Nachtsider
      Dude. I'm almost regretting dropping all that money on FP Bruticus now. :lol
    17. rizuan76
      Most of the TFW peeps from Sg are here now, come & check it out :)

      Planet Iacon - Singapore Transformers Fans Group | Facebook
    18. rizuan76
      Met a couple of yr Indon TF frens a few days ago, It was cool hanging out with 'em. Nice chaps all. :)
    19. Nachtsider
      Good news, man. I got myself Classics Blast Off and Swin- I mean, FP Explorer and Munitioner, and they are phenomenal. Eye-catching altmodes, easy to transform and incredibly poseable.

      But wait... there's more! I'll be getting myself MP Movie Screamer this weekend, and ROTF Bruticus Maximus will be arriving in a month's time via my proxy in Washington. Life is good. :D
    20. Saberfrost01
      Does Thy Social group accept EVIL AUTOBOTS that have escaped the SG universe and despise this realities Autobots?
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