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Mar 6, 2010
Apr 27, 2009
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Forgotten little bot :'(

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Mar 6, 2010
    1. Cliffjumper
    2. a3.trion
      Sure! There you go :thumbs2:
    3. zero minor
      zero minor
      o cool um let see is that the one of a repaint of the rid Wedge or a other one
    4. zero minor
      zero minor
      yep two a green one and the move one he rocks but his arms get in the way a bit i wish with the new rotf toy they have a new one and its arms are a bit more possible but yep
    5. zero minor
      zero minor
      o cool my fav bot is just say it wood take a long time to name them all
    6. zero minor
      zero minor
      sorry idk who that bot is my bad LOL
      so hows it going??
      if that's all right
    7. zero minor
      zero minor
      well i think i figured sum stuff out i think just getting the hang of it all is whats the hard part LOL so who is yer fav transformer
    8. zero minor
      zero minor
      its cool to meet you hows it hanging you know all that jazz im new and just wondering how to work everything so thanks for the ADD
    9. zero minor
    10. Scythe
      Cool! I loved most of the G1 cast, I can't even name all of them because there's so many!
    11. Scythe
      Any of them! Haha, I love to hear people's faves and their reasons for liking them. Like, I loved RiD, thought it was amazing, it had Scourge, my favorite Nemesis Prime evah! He was really cool, had that cool red sword and the tanker that turned into a base. Didn't like much of the Beast Wars CG stuff, but I loved the Beast Wars cartoons they showed in Japan. My favorite is Stampy, the bunny and Big Convoy, I call him Optimus Packaderm, cuz he's a mammoth, haha.

      In animated, which took me foreverrrrrrrrrr to get into because of the different animation style, I just loved Starscream, then they showed Ultra Magnus, the Femmescream, Blurr and Wreck-Gar. I instantly loved Animated after that!
    12. Scythe
      Who else are your faves, Miss?
    13. Scythe
      Cool, that sounds like it could work.
    14. Scythe
      I know, she looks like a little girl, I wonder if she'll be a kidbot. Besides the Jet twins, there aren't that many bots that are still kids.
    15. Scythe
      Aw, that sucks.

      I do too, we need more fembots.
    16. Scythe
      Holy crap, Glyph! I hope she has an appearance on the show, my fiance loves Glyph, she even has her G1 toy.
    17. Scythe
      Hey, your avatar is so cute, who is that?
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