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Victi Vincimus, Male, 43

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Dec 31, 2022
    1. The621
      Pardon that. Rough stuff lately.

      Humor you ask?

      One day I was walking on campus. Me and friends bumped into each other. Shared a couple laughs and jokes. Some kid was for a legalizing pot movement. Then we jokingly made a reference to the Periodic Table of Elements and told him arsenic is natural and from the earth. Earlier he said pot is all natural and healthy. Then we asked him if he thought arsenic was healthy.

      He said yes. Then he caught himself and said "Damnit, I see where you guys are going! Haha!"

      That's the story.
    2. Nachtsider
      Dude. Don't tell anybody I asked you this... but what exactly is the whole 'whale biologist' thing about? I'm ashamed to admit to the other Beakians that I have absolutely no idea what the term means. :butters
    3. Spiderus Prime
    4. Nachtsider

      Never leave a bro unfisted. Much less a ho. :D
    5. Nachtsider
    6. Brawlastator
      It's from the webcomic "Boxer Hockey." It's the only good webcomic there is.
    7. Elita_One
      lmao, what a moron, he befriended me and my pic was always on my page so he knew full well I was a female. What a failure.

      I was never his friend, I just accepted his request because I accept all requests. What a douchebag. I never even spoke to the moron before but thanks for the awesome words, bud, you rock <3
    8. DeathsHead
      'Hung up'? Or just pissed off?

      You have seem to have missed the quotes I placed round the word 'friend', so suggesting we are (or ever were) "real good friends" is patently ridiculous. I wasn't even more than subconciously aware 'she' was a girl until a few days ago (this is the internet - usernames mean nothing). Perhaps if I had been I might have adjusted my language slightly and avoided your charge of casual misogyny, but either way my response to such embarrassing and uncompassionate 'opinions' was always going to be harsh - and to my mind quite justifiably so.

      As to being 'told'..."The lady doth protest too much, methinks."
    9. DeathsHead
      Oh and just for the record, Elita is a 'friend' of mine. This doesn't mean they get to act the fool and not get pulled up on it y'knows.
    10. DeathsHead
      DeathsHead the random dismissing of the death of children as 'idiots' and 'dumbass's' is just 'opinion' is it? Fucking charming. I'll respect peoples right to HAVE an opinion but the bordeline moronic nature of the opinion itself? That I don't have to respect in the slightest. And I won't. I have to love the fact that people are fine with such sadistic comments, but a swear word? That's just a bridge too far...Jeez.
    11. Brawlastator
      So, according to Jimbo and Ash, the Beak got hijacked by Brazilians.
    12. DaggersRage
      Gawd dernit, when was it your birthday? Well, happy late birtyday, you mutant freak.... :D
    13. Nachtsider
      Happy birthday, Cag - may you live as long as you wish, and prosper as long as you live!
    14. Brawlastator
    15. Obvious Prime
      Obvious Prime
      Hey, is Dirge on? I have to bother him right now.
    16. Poho
      i didnt know you were from Tucson! I love Tucson!
    17. Brawlastator
      I'm not a bro... I'm a G-I-R-L.
    18. Deceptikitty
      Hey Cag, by the time I got a chance to talk with my dad about your hard drive he got one off of Craigslist! Thanks for the offer though :kip
    19. Deceptikitty
      I'm glad I'm not the only one. It's Pikachu groping itself.. not sure if want
    20. Deceptikitty
      I always pull off that dumb face in pictures. Derp de derp. cool *Will Smith*
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