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Feb 5, 2015
    1. Fallout
      merry christmas(:
    2. Quantum25
      Well, if you played enough Tetris, packing shouldn't be a problem. ;)
      I haven't had any time to tinker around with my Lego, but I can always appreciate seeing new stuff.
    3. Quantum25
      Generally I pack light so I have enough room to store my kits in my suitcase (I can fit at least 3 or 4 kits in mine), you can even use your clothes to help protect the boxes. I would't suggest building the kit and then packing it in with luggage, I tried that before and the kit ended up with some missing/broken parts. Hope that helps and that you enjoy your kits.
    4. Quantum25
      The best way to tell a KO is to try and find the Bandai logo on the box, no Gunpla kit (well that I know of, little iffy on stuff like the magazine exclusive kits) is without the Bandai logo. It's usually on the bottom corner on the front cover of the box.
    5. Quantum25
      Well, thanks for the invite. I dunno, I might make one eventually, maybe after I start up my own comic. I did have a couple ideas kicking around for awhile. In the meantime, I kept up with Saber's progress periodically on his blog, but it hasn't been updated in awhile.

      Though, it would be more convenient if I had Twitter so I can help out Saber the few times he asked for my help without having RS ask me through TFW.

      Oh, and I must have missed this, but nice buy with Shadow Commander.
    6. Quantum25
      No, never bothered making one.
    7. Quantum25

      Hey, it's been a while. I'm doing fine; made some TF, Gunpla, and other hobby related purchases, but there's not much going on.

      How are you doing?
    8. Quantum25
      Looking forward to it...:D
    9. Quantum25
      Still, nice find with TFA Blackout. By the way, have you come upon any wacky and/or interesting KO's yet?
    10. Quantum25
      Nice find, the last TF I picked up from China was FE Starscream (this was during the FE bs that was happening before the re-release was announced). Any other notable finds?
    11. Quantum25
      Usually Gundam kits and Revoltechs since they aren't sold in the states and are sometimes a bit costly to import. Occasionally, I pick up a Tf.
    12. Quantum25
      Oh, my mistake; I guess it would be "I hope your trip is going well" then.

      Anyways, that place sounds just like the store I visited in Akihabara, just a ton of Transformers among other things.
    13. Quantum25
      I appreciate the tips, thanks for the help. :thumb
      Speaking about that store in Shanghai, how's their selection on TFs (are they all customs or a mix of custom work and the mainline stuff)?

      Anyways, I hope your trip went well.
    14. Quantum25
      I'll keep that in mind, thanks. :)
    15. Quantum25
      No, I haven't stopped by Shanghai yet. Usually, I just go to Hong Kong since that's where my Dad usually takes me (with him being raised there and all, it's more of a personal trip for himself, though the plentiful amount of Gundams and other giant robot merchandise works out for me).

      But thanks to your tip, I may be stopping by there sometime soon, as in next summer perhaps. One question though, how's their third party TF selection, if they have any that is?
    16. Andersonh1
      X-ray photos? I don't have a problem with photoshopping them into your comic.
    17. Argentenoboy
      I use the supernova effect in gimp.

      And yeah.
    18. Saberfrost01
      By the way. I've added to my planning details for 'Apocolypse'.
    19. Saberfrost01
      Nice suspense. :popcorn:
    20. Saberfrost01
      Just to clarify II'm also a Bio-Morpher 2nd.
      There are 3 Bio-Morpher frame types as far as I'm concerned 4 ir you count certain variants.
      The Bio-Morpher 1st used a Hordika torso at its centre.
      The Bio-Morpher 2nd is the most common which is based around the Toa Ignika Body peice. NOT INCLUDING TORSO PEICE.
      The Bio-Morpher 3rd's use the HF 2.0 (onwards) Build system.

      There are variants that only occur a few times at the moment and are only used to furfil certain requirements.
      The BMX2 catorgory covers any Bio-Morpher built around a Pirake body.
      And then there's the Death frame which is Exclusivly used by Bio-Morpher type Death. Name: Shinigami. :eek:
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