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    1. Galvanitro
      For Lockdown are you shooting for Animated or Movie in design? Not too much difference, but it's there.

      And do you want to have green or yellow (Blazing Lockdown) as your secondary color. You can do Movie Design with Blazing colors if you'd like.
    2. C888
    3. WilyMech
      Misfire making Highgrade is an art form so he is one of those artist who thinks it never good enough.
    4. C888
      Yep. Add's a bit of tension between them.
    5. WilyMech
      Wow yikes. Misfire is going be in for a shock. Like he has to be sober. It will be interesting.
    6. C888
      Gotcha. Just think of Sharpshot as your parole officer. No drugs (in his sight)!
    7. WilyMech
      I am going leave Misfire not having boosters on board. It doesn't mean there isn't any you can find some and have him charge with it. Misfire is more interested in bootlegging High Grade Energon.
    8. Galvanitro
      Sharpshot (Minimum Stats):
      Strength: 4
      Intelligence: 5
      Speed: 3
      Endurance: 7
      Rank: 5
      Courage: 5
      Firepower: 7 (Can go up to 9)
      Skill: 8 (Can go up to 9)

      You have 4 additional points to allocate. No category can go above 8 unless otherwise noted; Strength and Endurance must stay the same distance apart, (In this case: Endurance must be 3 higher than Strength).
    9. Galvanitro
      Sunstorm (Minimum Stats):
      Strength: 4
      Intelligence: 4 (Can go up to 9)
      Speed: 8 (Can go up to 9)
      Endurance: 5 (Can go up to 9)
      Rank: 3
      Courage: 7 (Can go up to 9)
      Firepower: 8 (Can go up to 9)
      Skill: 6 (Can go up to 9)

      You have 12 additional points to allocate. No category can go above 8 unless otherwise noted; Strength and Endurance must stay the same distance apart, (In this case: Endurance must be 1 higher than Strength).
    10. C888
      Yeah sure, im fine with that.
    11. Galvanitro
      Hey, with the RPG, would you be opposed to restarting Episode 1 with a new plot?

      We'd keep the characters; all of the info, etc; it would just be the literal episode part of the story to restart. My time has finally opened up; but I feel like everyone could get into it easier if we started fresh.

      Also, this way, everyone will benefit from me already having explained things; since people were having problems with that.
    12. C888
      Then grab a wooden spoon and put on a plastic bowl on your head!
    13. Goji
      I do has what it takes to join the Homestarmy!!
    14. C888
      Ripclaw just went off to do his own thing. I'm sure its believable that Blitzwing could fly for a couple of hours and find one.
    15. Galvanitro
      You could do some personal stuff; you could have Ripclaw tag along, and what not.
    16. C888
      He was traveling for a couple of hours? I don't know with the way your setting it up now there's very little opportunity then.
    17. Galvanitro
      There is a major problem with your newest post and the last one.

      The Decepticons are essentially in the middle of the Sahara Desert; with horrible weather conditions near, but not directly on their base.

      It'd take him quite some time to reach civilization of any size.
    18. C888
      Idk he could have been traveling for miles at this point. Alright what if he raids a small town and optimus and/or jetfire have to come.
    19. Galvanitro
      There no Autobots in your area. Grimlock, Arcee, and the two kids are in Mexico, where Starscream, Trypticon and Demolishor are.

      You could have him go off to find a dish though, just not that specific way.
    20. C888
      Alright sorry. Edited it.
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