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    1. C16
      Reasoning towards what? You're not replying to a visitor message from 3 years ago, are you?
    2. Jus09
      There's a difference between being honest and being a slaghole. I understand where you're coming from most of the time, but has it ever crossed your mind that being a prick doesn't endear yourself toward the community. Perhaps I could see your work, so that I can understand your reasoning.
    3. C16
      I was polite. I said what I thought of it and that was it. That work was really rough, I'm not going to sit there and stroke his ego by telling him it doesn't look bad, keep at it blah blah blah. People need to be slapped in the face with reality sometimes and no one around here is willing to be honest about anything for fear of being "rude" or "mean".
    4. valkfan
      Honestly dude, a little bit of politeness goes a long way. You should try it when you're commenting on other people's work.
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