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Aug 26, 2023
    1. MrOliveira
      Hi Bystander, once I saw a post that you did about buying in taobao
      I have seen this website before, I translated with Google translator, but how the shipping works? It seems that the sellers do not provide shipping, or maybe I misunderstood something. Does taobao gives you any guaranty that you will receive your item, if not a refund like aliexpress?

      Thank you in advance.
    2. eagc7
      In case you have seen these :)
      (takes forever to upload pics)
      yeah we all have seen those

      the more detailled optimus prime is actually a fanart
    3. G.I.EDDIE
      Seriously man, thanks so much for keeping us up to date on what's going's really appreciated...
    4. Bystander
      Had been wondering how to do this like, seriously, thanks a lot, Eddie!!
    5. Bystander
      Haha, I see it!
    6. G.I.EDDIE
      No sweat took me years to realize I had a lot more control than i thought I did...

      "User CP" is right above your name (after the ad :))
    7. Bystander
      Eddie, Thank you for the hints but I just can't find user control panel page nor my tfw home page, it's embarrassing...
    8. G.I.EDDIE
      If you click "User CP" (user control panel) right below home, it'll take you to "your control panel"...then listed under that, click "Edit your details"...down a bit on that page is "custom user title"...there's a blank space there where you can make it say whatever you want under your avatar...there is a character limit though...
    9. Bystander
      But how? I even have trouble of setting up my avatar image.
    10. G.I.EDDIE

      You should change the words under your avatar to "unofficial insider" :lol
    11. Bystander
      Yep. But I will still keep an eye out on ACtoys and some project involved Chinese mini blogs to keep you updated with those 'back alley news' :D
    12. G.I.EDDIE
      Bummer...woulda been nice to bug him for info :D
    13. Bystander
      Doubt it, probably just a name coincidence. In fact I am not even sure if Jeffy Zhong is still on this one. By the look of the bot mode of two revealed, I think TFC has commissioned out U project to different designers
    14. G.I.EDDIE
      Is this the same Jeffy you were making contact with back in the early days of Hercules?...his only post was sharing the new pics of Super-Ion

      jeffy's Profile - TFW2005 - The 2005 Boards
    15. Bystander
      Afraid it is a bit of too late for that at current stage although I wish I could have done more. With this one, as designer said it was not gonna be as simple as just changing the color of Structor's shovel previously, thus he could not help. I am sorry that this isn't what you wanted to hear :(
    16. G.I.EDDIE
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