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    1. Hound89
      Seems Unnecessary, there's no reason they cant be from the same origin as Arcee.

      The Wingblade apparently taking Elita-1's spot is also a big bummer.
    2. Hound89
      Sadly, I can.
    3. SMOG
      Ha! Well, Char is a sort of stock character type (or has become one) so I can see how that would work.
    4. SMOG
      I didn't get very far into BrainPowerd. I've seen Turn A, but not the others you mention (Ideon has been on my list for a while however). Dunbine I've been curious about since it was a name that often came up when I was 'discovering' anime in my youth.

      I guess when I think "cancelled", I don't think of shows being given a chance to wrap up their existing storylines. Cancellation usually just means they... well... stop. Y'know, like Deadwood, or a million Fox shows. I have literally heard X being referred to as the first Gundam series to be cancelled, though obviously that's a bit of an overstatement.
    5. SMOG
      Since we're pretty much off topic, I figured I'd post here. :)

      Hmm. That's not how I heard it. I'd heard that Gundam took off when the plastic models got distribution. I mean, the full Gundam MSG did air, and wrap the story, though with slightly fewer episodes than originally planned. The movies were just heavily supplemented remixes.

      Turn A and G-Saviour... well, you have to give them credit for experimenting. :)

      Yeah, I've enjoyed a lot of different Gundam series, but I liked it when they kept coming back to the UC, which feels like the most "primal" Gundam setting to me... though even within the UC, there was a lot of thematic recycling going on 0083. I've always been drawn to the smaller war stories though, like 0080 and 8th MS team. The last "new" Gundam I watched was actually SEED (which I didn't end up finishing).

    6. Kujo1597
      Oh awesome, thank you.
    7. Kujo1597
      Nah, it's no problem, and surprisingly you're only the third person to ask me that.

      And thanks for the tip about the manga. I need to get around to reading it someday. I kinda doubt playing the Capcom fighting game that was just re-released would be good enough to learn the whole story.
    8. Kujo1597
      No, sorry to disappoint you. I've never seen, read, or played Jojo's Bizarre Adventure. I am interested in trying the new game coming out, however. My username comes from something kinda silly now that I'm a bit older.

      I think I was...14 or so and I created a character named "Koju" and I wanted a new username for websites so I switched the o and u to get "Kujo" for whatever reason. I still haven't been able to think of anything better all these years later. :lol
    9. daitarn red
      daitarn red
      you see my sg avatar
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