Aug 19, 2007
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old misery guts

    1. Venixion
      actually the interesting thing is that it reminds me of a looney tunes/tom n jerry style. those are some interesting tidbits about it
    2. Venixion
      Animal Farm: I didn't know they'd ever made a cartoon of such a chilling book, that was a sad scene. Poor Boxer
    3. Fallout
      i love the hands though. they hold 5mm stuff decently well and they can hold the matrix from the battle in space set, which is very relevant to my interests.
    4. Fallout
      i only wish his arm panels locked in better. they're really fiddly and the clicky elbows don't help.
    5. Fallout
      mine's pretty floppy but it's easy to put him in stretching poses, lol. i love how well they managed the kibble on this mold, basically all he has is his windshield and that's not flippy at all.
    6. Fallout
      yeah it's a really cool automorph. i love how they pulled off the fenders on his thighs.

      is there any reason his torso is balljointed?
    7. Fallout
      i bought me a movie cliffjumper today, save the gun, for $10 today. fun little toy.
    8. Securis
      Hmm.... perhaps you are right sir.
    9. Securis
      Isn't it obvious? I really shouldn't have to answer that question. Of course it's good for him. And bad for his detractors.
    10. Securis
      Michael Bay gets his knob polished by lingerie models.
    11. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      That thread that got closed, regarding USA troops and other various nutjobs conspiracy stuff.
    12. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      Silly me...I thought the Ossetia conflict was between Russia and Georgia..silly me and my facts. It´s best to act like Decptjohn does. Make wild assumptions with no shred of evidence.
    13. Keith Prime
      Keith Prime
      I've finally posted the update to my comic that contains your Original Movie 1 Concept Bumblebee mold Mech Tech Attack Mode. I included your pic from that thread in my Notes at the end, giving you credit & linking to this profile page. Thanks.
    14. Matrix Soul
      Matrix Soul
      :lol ruining people's number two is his number one priority! :lol
    15. Bumblethumper
      yeah, I dunno if I crossed the line there. I'm never sure how much you can get away with around here, but it can be tempting to push it the interests of living dangerously.
    16. Tyrannosaur
      I'm avoiding that thread like the plague. I don't need to get perma banned for breaking rule #2 :lol

      I think it's #2, or #3 can't remember.
    17. General Magnus
      General Magnus
      Well, you were right about Warpath´s design.
    18. Ktulu
    19. Leadfoot
      I just wanted to say I'd like to congratulate you on being a fellow of estimable intellect whose posts, over time, have continually impressed me with a grounding sense of perspective and a sometimes jarring effect of imposing reality. You are a credit to this forum sir.
    20. Ktulu
      Even if it's ultimately a simple matter of differing angles, just knowing it can look better to some degree is good, I suppose
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