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May 1, 2013
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Oct 24, 2013
    1. wbglaspie41
      We both knew that this point was coming sooner or later. I just think you didn't think it was coming as soon as it has. I find myself asking the same questions more and more frequently.

      If when you quit, I probably won't be too far behind you.
    2. wbglaspie41
      you never responded to my raid team request. I know a bunch of people have probably already asked but in the event that they haven't, put me down. I will finish top 100.
    3. wbglaspie41
      These things can kind of go un noticed. Do you have a spot on your team for the next team event?
    4. wbglaspie41
      you, if the next event is another team event like the one prior, am I good for a slot on the squad?
    5. wbglaspie41
      can you find some room for me on your ally list/
    6. wbglaspie41
      I've been thinking about the conversation we had the other day regarding tryptonite.

      I know that you didn't intend to put him in any type of negative light but we both know that you are 1000% correct. I don't think he was being candid about the funding of his account either. I really like this game but if I worked for DeNA or Mobage, there is no way in hell I would spend half a nickel of my own money to play this game, especially if he says he is working which I completely believe he is. And honestly, to me, it really isn't a big deal but to #301 it will be the biggest deal in the world.

      Not exactly sure what his role with the company is but I wouldn't be surprised if he was advised not to frequent this site and if his JOE account was discontinued under that name.
    7. wbglaspie41
      if I have the wrong person I apologize. there use to be a battlegrounds thread on this site. what happened?
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