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Aug 20, 2017
Sep 8, 2005
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Aug 20, 2017
    1. GogDog
      He should be ok. If he's a Doctor, chances are he'll just get stationed at a BAS or RAS. RAS, he won't have to do crap :lol I'm thinking at the most, he'll have to do a couple humps. He'll be a Navy officer, so I doubt anyone will say crap to him. He'll have a bunch of young Marines saluting him, and he'll probably not know what to do. :lol I doubt any one the Marines will mess with him.
    2. GogDog
      A Navy doctor, huh? Is he going Green Side, or is he just there for training? What type of unit is he going to be with? Do you know the unit's name? Is he going to be at the Naval Hospital?
    3. GogDog
      Yup, sure was. Who is Lil'? Your brother?
    4. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      Damn right i did, felt like crap over it too lol.
    5. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      Hey b i am soooo sorry. I sent the email today, hope it helps.

      again i'm sorry. just completely forgot, no excuses.
    6. megatronkicksas
      Ok, but why couldn't you send me PM instead of talking about rape on my profile? :lol
    7. GogDog
      Also, I listened to LF 3B today, I TRIED to track you down in the bar to give you your beer, and llama said you were passed out in the room at fucking 9:00. :lol I did buy llama his beer though. ;)
    8. GogDog
      I was in Kosovo, so fuck Iraq.
    9. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      Used my brother in laws computer to write it up, can mail it to ya tonight, hope it helps.
    10. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      alright just checked. No problem man, i'll try and have it to you as soon as possible.
    11. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      No, didn't see it, i'll check my email today and let her know though. :thumb
    12. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      Hey Rock, you back in Bragg yet lol

      Thanks for all your help with those figures, i'll have some money coming in this month and can pay ya the whole sum. really really appreciate the help, and sorry for the lack of comm the last couple of weeks, been busy as a mofo.
    13. Voiceroy
      Is this the artist formerly known as Squirrelcar?
    14. RoboticPlanet
      'Sup boss? I herd you liek photoshop
    15. -Wreckage-
    16. maninthebox94
      Welcome to my wonderful "ignore list"
    17. Transfan2
      Hey just wanted to say thanks for accepting my friend request! I really like your pictures and think you have a great collection!
      Your welcome :) and thanks for the comments on pics/collection too. :)
      How is it going?
    18. Sideways
      oh hey bro!
      eh life's okay... I might reclass..failed an EOD class twice. got one more shot at it..other than that, Alabama's weather sucks!! too damn hot!
    19. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      Man you missed a couple of sweeet threads in GD that coulda used your "personal" touch :lol

      course, probably woulda invovled you gettin the ol ban hammer, but man it woulda been worth it :D
    20. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      Dude, remember when i was talking about the randomness of Montana's weather?
      Well two days ago it was hot as hell, yesterday it rained all day, and today it's snowing. Yep. Snowing.
      Least it keeps you guessing :lol
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