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Aug 20, 2017
Sep 8, 2005
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Aug 20, 2017
    1. Tyrannosaur
      Not all STDs are disgusting exactly, but really what I mean is the ones that have physical symptons that actually appear on your crotch. have you ever seen a picture of what genital warts look like? Do a google image search of Genital warts with safe-search off, and tell me that does not look incredibly disgusting and looks like it hurts :lolThe STD you have, what is it like exactly? Any bad side effects?

      Oh and you're actually a guy I didn't know that lol. Is that your wife in your avatar? She looks pretty.
    2. Transfan2
      Hey TF2:

      How are you doing today (please respond)?

      -Bryan / squirrelcar
      I am been doing ok today, how have you been? :)
    3. x BlackMagnus x
      x BlackMagnus x
      Wow. Looking good red ;)
    4. Deathbringer
      she's a cuitie there Bryan!
    5. Trailbreaker77
      Bryan, who's the chick in you avatar picture? My uncle is stationed up at Fort Drum up in the northern part of New York. Stay safe dude!
    6. bumblebot98
    7. Grimlocka go-go
      Grimlocka go-go
      TFW Military Members Group

      how the heck was i not invited? lol I"M A VETERAN I BEEN TO IRAAAAAQQQ :D
    8. bumblebot98
      You really in Haiti?Stay safe dude.
    9. Chaos Muffin
      Chaos Muffin
      We're with you in Haiti man, just can't see us. Be careful brah

    10. Sideways
      lol...My sig is the SlenderMan.. My Avatar is of a Plague Doctor.
      The quote's from a song by The Acacia Strain.
    11. Optimus1986
      I saw a man pursuing the horizon;
      Round and round they sped.
      I was disturbed at this;
      I accosted the man.
      "It is futile," I said,
      "You can never -"

      "You lie," he cried,
      And ran on.

      -Stephen Crane

      That guy was brilliant.
    12. llamatron
      Yo Big B, any idea what's happened to our little pal Spiderus?
    13. Nachtsider
      "As exciting as reading WebMD after perusing pics of totaled VWs might be..."

      I lol'd. Hard. :lolol :broleft
    14. Sideways
      Good evening from Goodfellow AFB!
      hit me up on myspace and/or facebook.
    15. tman
      this is the figuers coming tuesday
    16. JetsAndHeels
      You are right about UNC/Ga. Tech...turnabout is fair play. It's all good!!

      I live in Nash County (Rocky Mount).
    17. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      You didn't think someone of my wisdom and maturity could be so young?

      I dunno, some people get upset about anything. Hell, some people get upset without me addressing a single comment at them. About every six months I get a random rant from someone because... actually, the last one was because Spoon and Sage like me. :inquisiti
    18. Optimus Sledge
      Optimus Sledge
      I know, it shocks me too. Come back from shops, open new TF, play with it for five minutes... HOLY FUCK, I'M 31! WHAT THE HELL AM I DOING? Then I think "Hey, at least it's not heroin" and turn back into a 5 year old. :)

      I dunno, I'd feel a bit awkward PMing people with a "by the way, you do realise there's a rule against what you're doing?" I suppose phrased right it would be OK. More of a "I don't want you to get into trouble, so I thought I'd remind you..." than a "HEY ASSHAT! Stop breaking the fucking rules, dipshit!"
    19. GogDog
      I'm sure there are Scout/Snipers elsewhere, but yeah, the majority of them are in line battalions. In fact, most of the time, people try out for them, get trained, and stay with their original battalions. At least in the case of the infantry. The school is hard as hell though. Most dudes don't qualify. I knew some dudes that went to the school 3-4 times before they passed.
    20. GogDog
      Yeah, about the BAS and RAS.

      To be honest, going balls to the wall as a Navy doctor might not happen. I mean, if he goes special ops like he says, maybe, but that's going to take a while. In a regular unit, even infantry, the doctors don't do crap (physically) except to do sick call in the mornings, and in the rare case of a Battalion-level op, hump. But doctors are important, and they have to be there in case anyone gets hurt, so they'll probably be in the back of a Humvee even then.

      I'm sure that Force Recon has doctors, but what type of training they actually participate in, I have no idea. Scout Snipers are attached to regular infantry Battalions. I was a regular rifleman, and we had them in our Weapons Company, Weapons Platoon. They don't have their own medical staff outside of BAS except for possibly an enlisted Navy Corpsman.

      If he wanted to go balls to the walls, he should have gone enlisted. :lol
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    I take care of people who jump out of planes and kill foreigners for a living. I have the best job in the world.
    Feedback here! Criminals are HOT.