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Aug 20, 2017
Sep 8, 2005
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Aug 20, 2017
    1. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      Well not here since after that event in 2009.
    2. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      I still do,Bryan.
    3. Spiderus Prime
    4. Spiderus Prime
    5. Spiderus Prime
    6. Spiderus Prime
      Spiderus Prime
      I missed you where are you?
    7. Cavshock
      Haven't seen you about lately and hope everything is going good.
    8. Nachtsider
      Been reading some Vietnam War literature lately, Bry, and one of the topics that came up during my perusal was the My Lai Massacre.

      One thing that so many people seem to have ignored amid all the furor and outcry is the issue of whether or not the inhabitants of My Lai were, indeed, VC supporters and assisted them. At least one account says that the Cong were back in My Lai the night after Charlie Company left, helping to bury the dead and reading eulogies. A few others state that when questioned regarding their complicity with the Cong, a number of the My Lai survivors just maintain awkward silences and try to change the subject, while the rest loudly proclaim that their families died, their homes were destroyed, et cetera, but do not address the question.

      I'm not necessarily condoning what happened. All I'm saying is that if the inhabitants of My Lai were aiding the VC, the fault for the massacre does not solely rest on Charlie Company's shoulders. Offer aid to a military force, and you can expect reprisals from the opposing side, lawful or not. And that the massacre survivors should own up regarding their complicity (if true) instead of continually insisting that they were as innocent as Christ on the cross.

      Your thoughts?
    9. TheDemonDzko
      I know I shouldn't have laughed at some of your response, but I do appreciate the kind words of advice. I could give a list of what has changed since that post, but really. It was just a form of me letting some of my pent up whiny bitch-ness out. But, yes. Thank you very for the advice. <3
    10. Trenner Dios
      Trenner Dios
      You're welcome to whatever gratification you get from this, but I really don't want to have anything to do with you anymore. You're vile.
    11. Trenner Dios
      Trenner Dios
      MegaMoonMan is the epitome of cuddliness compared to you. Aspergers or not, you're still an internet sociopath.
    12. Trenner Dios
      Trenner Dios
      Your use of smileys makes me feel incredibly uneasy.
    13. 46+2
      There is no way possible that you are a grown adult. You post like a 12 year old and you disgrace the honorable people that serve this country.
    14. Cavshock
      Im a free-loader and didn't even know it. :(
    15. Lumpy
      hey man, you ever headed back to NM? i know you were here awhile ago, just wondered if you were ever coming back this way...
    16. Aaron
      *reads latest medical thread*

      I love you man. When are you getting to another convention?
    17. Biotoakid
      It a GIJoe RHINO. It's the Target exclusive (I think) that's blue. The original is black and grey.
    18. Transfan2
      Sorry about the disappointing news...I can try to go to Botcon 2011 (and will within reason), but no promises for now (Currently: It's unlikely that I will be able to go)..but will aim for 2012's if 2011's doesn't work out (may aim for 2012 regardless).

      Have a good day,
    19. Transfan2
      Dear TF2:

      I am very sad to hear the above missive. I was unable to attend this year because of the wars, and I was hoping to meet you in person next year! But also to see MOTORMASTER 2 in person as well for it is a piece of TF history.

      Perhaps you could resell some of you (very nice) collection on eBay to ensure the funds are available?

      Either way hope you are well, and exciting news about (maybe) a job!

      ^==Funds-wise, it's more of a "if my mom & dad" can get it worked out, but due to potential issues, I may have to miss out.

    20. Tyrannosaur
      Aah, I see. hopefully there will be a cure for it one day. Unless there is one I'm unaware of.
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